Stoked About South Beach!

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Okay, well…maybe I’m not exactly “stoked” about South Beach. Right now I’m suffering from a headache. I’m just not sure that “stoked” is it, but it makes for a cool blog title, so I’m running with it!

Almost two weeks ago, my hubby decided on a Wednesday evening that he was going to do the South Beach Diet…the next day. He was going to start it the next day. Which meant that I was going to fore go the menu for the rest of the week and start cooking South Beach. And since I wasn’t about to cook two meals…guess what?! I was going on South Beach, too!

Oh, we had some discussion that night, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Now, let me clarify. My husband has gained about 12 pounds since we got married. And I wish I could say that 12 pounds is ALL I have gained…but that would be VERY wrong. Maybe it was the switch from an active job to a desk job. Maybe it was the cancellation of the gym membership. Maybe it was the birth control. Maybe it was getting older. Maybe it’s that gluten free (which I have to eat) has more sugar in it to make things taste better. Maybe it was just pure laziness. I’m not entirely sure. But I have NEVER weighed this much in my life. I’ve been mumbling about it but not really doing anything about it. And getting a bit frustrated, if I’m being completely honest.

And while I’m being honest, I’m a little agitated that HE wants to lose weight. Because, let’s face it, ladies, men can lose the weight like it’s NOTHING. It really is sickening. We have to work and work and kill ourselves trying to drop a few pounds, and it’s just ridiculously easy for the men! Grrr!!!

Yet, at the same time, I KNEW I needed to do something…or I was going to wind up just plain miserable, and I didn’t want that.

So I asked for some time to do some research on this South Beach Diet thing. Got the book, looked up tons of stuff online, etc. I decided that, having done Atkins before, this probably wasn’t as bad as Atkins, and I could do this! And he started to get all excited that we were going to do something “together”. Aw, isn’t that sweet?! Until I got to thinking about it, and then I  made him SWEAR that he would STOP losing weight after he lost his 12 pounds. I mean, I can’t have him being SO skinny, and me still laboring away, can I?! He agreed that he wouldn’t show me up too badly, and so it began.

Now, I am just NOT one of those people who can give my starting weight, and REAL pic of myself in workout gear, baring it all. My own husband doesn’t know how much I weigh. I can’t do all that! And in the past I’ve started diets and then given up when I didn’t see any results. You know the drill. You get discouraged. So I knew a few things needed to happen in order for me to stick with this. Here’s what I did:

1. I bought a new outfit. And I took a picture of myself in said outfit. Here I am!


Welcome to my office! This is as good as it’s gonna get when it comes to a “before” pic, folks! My reason for this pic is that I can “see” results, in how I look in pictures and in how I look in clothes. I have to be able to see it. If I can’t see it, I give up. I’m not proud of that, but it’s exactly what I do.

2. Instead of looking at the large number of pounds I want to lose, I broke it down by months. I set a specific goal for myself, that I want to be this much less at the end of each month. That way I’m looking at a smaller monthly goal, and it’s much more attainable and much less overwhelming.

3. I chose something that wouldn’t fall apart if I accidentally messed it up. Atkins is great for fast weight loss, and it’s even better for people like me who can’t have wheat gluten. But if you accidentally mess up in the first phase of Atkins, while you’re getting used to everything, you’ve just bombed. You’ve got to start all over, and it won’t work as good the second time! I think (I hope) that South Beach is different than that.

4. I’m reminding myself of WHY I’m doing this. The history of diabetes in my family. The fact that I’m not getting any younger. The realization that if I’m ever going to have kids, I want to be healthier than I am right now. And the stunning and depressing fact that I need to never drink another diet soda again. (That hurts my heart to type it…)

So, here we go! When this post went live I was probably enjoying some turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and vegetable juice. In a few more hours, I’ll be chowing down on some tuna over romaine lettuce. And later on it’s salmon, baked eggplant and salad. Snacks? Cucumbers, cheese sticks.

Has anyone ever tried the South Beach Diet? What did you think? You lost TONS of weight, right?!?! 🙂

38 thoughts on “Stoked About South Beach!

  1. It seems my whole adult life I have been on a weight loss and gain roller coaster. I am 45-50lbs heavier currently than when I got married 5 years ago. I blame it on my crazy body when I carry babies. (Although I know there are many other factors!) I loose weight when I am pregnant due to being sick with no appetite, then gain tons when I have the baby (feed this starving postpartum girl!). I am 1/3 way through my 3rd pregnancy and only down 10 lbs which is good for me. Hopefully it means I won’t gain a ton when I have the baby.
    I haven’t tried South Beach, but it seems like it has food I could do with my hypoglycemia. Maybe I will give it a try next year. I will follow your journey to see how it works for you!

    • I can relate, Amber, it’s always been a struggle for me, too. I have low blood sugar, as well, and so far I’ve been okay with the foods. I don’t feel GREAT, but it’s that sugar withdrawal, ha! I think next week will be much better 🙂

  2. Good luck with South Beach, I haven’t tried that one specifically, but it’s worked for lots of folks and the common elements are sound in principle. I struggled to lose weight (even though I’m a man, haha) until I met my wife. Just needed the right motivation, I guess! :^) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don’t have any diet experience for myself. I do remember my parents doing Atkins and the Atkins pasta tasted like rubber… I’m a carb person… I was grumpy the whole time they were doing this (mind you I was in high school so I was basically stuck with the food they bought and made for dinner lol!)… Your meals though sound great! I hope you enjoy, or at least not hate, this LIFESTYLE CHANGE =D that’s what they call it right, so you don’t look at it as a short term fix lol! You look lovely in that photo by the way, I love that floral shirt!

  4. have never tried the South Beach diet, but if it includes the foods you listed above, I think it sounds great! I can feel you’ll be successful at this one because you have a plan, and a partner to go it with you. Goals are more easily attainable when you break them into smaller goals, such as a small amount of weight per month. Having an accountability partner has really helped me to achieve my goals whether it is weight loss or in business.
    And, having a new outfit as inspiration is a great idea too! Good luck!
    ~ Jodene

  5. I have struggles with my weight since college. I have to admit I have never tried the South Beach diet though. I love sweets and starches. So switching over to fruits and veggies is hard for me. I really need to work on it though. I need to be able to keep up with my kids! 😉

  6. GREAT blog Kristen! I so need to do this too… I can’t have wheat either & I cannot lose weight even on a strict exercise routine. I am really struggling with keeping the gluten out of my diet…

  7. I am a big advocate of eating Paleo. From the meals you described it is somewhat similar to South Beach. Basically if a cave man had access to it, you can eat it. I feel AMAZING when I eat like this. There have been a few times I have fallen off track, ahem recently, and I feel terrible. Plus taking out all the grains (which it looks like you already have) beans, sugar, and dairy makes you look like you’ve lost 10-20 pounds in a week because all that stuff makes you so bloated.Good luck with South Beach, if it’s as similar as it looks to paleo you’ll have great results!

  8. Good luck , Kristen, and Jerrod.
    I have never tried South Beach wither, but I have tried many other diets. Always with great success, until I go back to “regular” eating, then all the weight comes back plus more. I hate how easy it is for men to drop weight too!!
    If you make it a lifestyle change, instead of a “diet”, you will do great!

  9. South Beach was the start of my Journey to Paleo! We did it as a couple 10 years ago this fall. I did really well on phase 1… and it was a great beginning to realizing that I had an issue with wheat (and gluten and grains). I’m excited to see how you do! I lost 20-30 pounds in the 6 weeks I was on it. Unfortunately I gained it back (but lost it and lots more later!). My prayers are with you as you seek to get healthier (and pregnant!).

  10. A great start is stopping artificial sweeteners. Contrary to popular belief, they are worse for you than real sugar.
    Once you make it past the first 3 days or so and you see results, it will be MUCH easier.
    Start pinning good recipes to keep it exciting. You WILL feel much healthier and much better about yourself I know. Good luck!

  11. I can’t say I have ever tried South Beach, but I am trying to eat better. I know what you mean about diet soda as I gave that up a few years ago. The biggest thing for me recently was giving up my flavored coffee creamer. I got a milk frother for my milk and some pure vanilla so I have au-lait every morning now in stead of coffee with creamer.

  12. Good luck! I tend to stick with the lifestyle change in eating. Whole/Real foods instead of processed. Of course I can’t seem to give up my Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food Ice Cream…I think that is where my problem lies….

  13. Hi Kristen, you’re always adorable! But I can relate. I am the heaviest I have been and feeling blah all the time. You and Jerrod have inspired me. I plan to research S.B. and paleo and start next week 🙂 and get back into my exercise routine

    • Oh, yay for inspiration! I am interested in Paleo, as well. Someone told me if a caveman could eat it, that was pretty much Paleo LOL I shall add exercise in soon – I’m having to re-arrange my schedule a bit to make time for it. I know, I know.

  14. I started South Beach February 2012 and I lost 74 pounds by the next February!Found it to be surprisingly easy because I could eat when I was hungry! I didn’t have to weigh or measure anything either…I feel great!

  15. I am on your team! Started South Beach 5 weeks ago at my doctor’s demand. It is the FIRST diet I have ever done. I am thrilled to report cravings haven’t been a problem because I am eating ALL the time. After the first 4 days I started feeling really, really good (especially when I wake up more alert) which is quite inspiring. I love your plan for monthly check-ins because I also do not weigh myself . I’m listing a few easy things that I look forward to with my busy schedule I don’t do much cooking — I hope you find things that work for you too: a) baked zucchini sprayed with olive oil and parmesean cheese on top. b) fresh mozza on tomato w/ pesto and olive oil and balsamic c) sugar free jello d) raw almonds 3) diet peach Snapple. Good luck to you!

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