Our Starter Story!

It’s easy to get caught up in “keeping up with the Joneses”, isn’t it? We see the neat things that others have and we try to model our own lives after the people we think are really cool. But we all have to start somewhere, right? Allow me to share our “Starter Story” with all of you!

When we got married, we moved into a tiny one-bedroom apartment. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t over-extend ourselves financially, and we also knew we didn’t need need a lot of space.

We lived there for 2 years…check it out!

Do you see that we had our office and our living room combined? And how about that tiny little laundry room? And let me tell you, that kitchen was MUCH easier to clean, but it was so small that it was difficult to do too much extravagant cooking in!

So many funny little things about that place. Someone had painted the countertop in the bathroom, so we were constantly wiping off paint flakes. And you should have seen us both trying to get ready at the same time in that bathroom! If you didn’t balance the clothes in the washing machine just right, the whole thing would come unbalance at once like a gunshot, and scare you to death! Not to mention the buzzer on the dryer couldn’t be turned off, and was as loud as someone standing in your hallway blowing a trumpet! The oven never baked evenly, and the stove burners never cooked right. The fridge sounded like it would explode at any minute, and the upstairs neighbors…well, THAT’S another story for another day!

Even with all of it’s funny little quirks, we LOVED that apartment! But rent kept going up, so we figured, well, let’s look around at homes to purchase and see what we can afford.

We ended up buying our current home almost two years ago. It’s the first thing we’ve OWNED together, and we don’t take that lightly!ย Take a peek, if you like!

We Bought a House!
Tour Our Home

Even though our apartment was our first “place” together, I really think of our current house as our first “home”.

It was home when we had to replace the toilet in the guest bathroom. It was home when the back porch needed a new screen door. It was home when we had a fence put in. It was home when we had company coming coming in from out of town on the same day that the guest bathroom tub faucet quit working, and it was home when we had to re-grout the shower in the master bathroom. And when we had to replace the disposal. And it was REALLY home when the air conditioning broke, and when the garage door came off its hinges!

If you own a home, you know the feeling!

But it’s also home when it’s pouring down rain and I can drive my car right into the garage. It’s home when I can cook on a brand new stove, put leftovers in a brand new fridge and load a brand new dishwasher with dishes. It’s home when it’s decorate for the holidays and when it’s just its normal self. It’s home when we climb into bed at night, sit on the back porch at twilight, and work in our office to make the money to afford to keep it as our home.

Everyone deserves somewhere that they can call home. Especially when they feel lost in a new venture in life. That’s why I love Urban Compass.

Whether you’re moving, selling, need an agent or need an app, Urban Compass can help you out with all of the above, and their goal is to “Find Aย Home You Love”…in a place where it may seem that “home” is hard to come by: New York City!

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And even if you don’t need any of those services, you can still use their site to explore the wonders of life in New York, from Battery Park Village to Williamsburg, and everywhere the Big Apple has to offer in between! It’s a great site to dream through, and a fantastic resource for anyone in the New York area…or anyone that’s HEADED to the New York area!

So what about you? Do you have good or bad memories of your first home? I’d love to hear about how you “started”!

23 thoughts on “Our Starter Story!

  1. Your apartment was so cute, but there is nothing like having your own home. The feeling of being able to call it your own is just indescribable.

  2. I well remember our first townhouse (the bedrooms were upstairs) and I have such fond memories of that little living room and the time my brother-in-law fell all the way down those stairs. That place was so tiny!

    I’ve lived in a few homes over the years. Some of them felt like home and some of them never did. Our current home is always a work in progress, but I love it and the trees/flowers I’ve planted over the yeas and have watched grow and mature. I have a to-do list a mile long, but there’s no place like home. Love your story!

  3. I laugh when I think of all the places we lived in before we moved to the house we’re in now–hopefully never to move again! It’s so easy to take it all so seriously, but the important thing is not the place where you live, but that you make sweet and loving memories at each place!

  4. I love the early simple days of apartment living and hardly any stuff! While we now live in an old farmhouse on 100+ acres, it takes up a lot more time to maintain with all of the space and inevitably gets filled with more stuff. Ahhh the simple days! Thanks for sharing this great story and resource!

  5. Now we are in the first stage of living in an apartment but ours is not quite an apartment. We are still thinking about the step two of owning a house .I think there is a long time for that. But we are experiencing a few things that you mentioned ๐Ÿ˜› .Now I am like I am not the only one:) . Thank you for the resource, it may help us ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Enjoyed reading your awesome post ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing does compare to owning your own home. I too have lived in several places over the years and someday would like to settle down and retire…..my dream is to do that in Hawaii but I would be happy to just own a winnebago and travel for a bit before I do ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your memories and your thoughts on what got you to your first home ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I came here for a reason today! We are New Yorkers looking to move in the next few years. This is great! Congrats on your home and all the best in the new year!

  8. I have always lived in an apartment–my Mom still lives in the one I grew up in! Mostly I have lived since then in 2 apartments–right across the street from one another–it is strange but I used to walk my dogs and look at this bldg–the day I moved in it felt like I had been here forever!

  9. We’ve never owned. Which makes me sad, but at the same time I’m not sure I’m quite ready. I do have lots of. Goods and bads about renting though let me tell you!

  10. We are in our first real home. The first place we lived in together was an apartment, and my then-fiance moved in with me (I’d been there for over a year.) We couldn’t wait to get out of that place!

  11. Sadly, the home I feel was our first home is now gone. We ran into financial problems and lost it. ๐Ÿ™ I hope someday to make a new memory about a first home.

  12. What a lovely first apartment it is so cute! I love where me and the other half live now, it is a flat but I can’t do stairs so it works well for me, we have our own garden and its small so I cope with cleaning (most of the time) x

  13. I think your apartment is so cute. I don’t own a home yet only because I’m not sure where I want to live. I move around a lot, it’s one of the freedoms blogging from home gives me. I think when I do buy, it will be on an island somewhere.

  14. When I think about all the apartments I have lived in, I am so grateful to be able to own my home. It is truly a blessing.

  15. I enjoyed reading your story, Kristen. It made me smile as I reflected back 17 years ago when we were first married ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am not familiar with Urban Compass which is surprising since we spent the majority of last year with our house on the market and shopping for a new one!
    Your apartment looks cozy despite all the annoyances you tolerated. Apartment living is it’s own monster!

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