Start Spring Cleaning with an HVAC Conditioning Check!

Earlier this year, we dropped quite a bit of money on a very large home purchase. A very large home purchase that will keep my pregnant-with-twins-in-the-heat-of-summer self COOL. Can you guess what we purchased?

That’s right – a beautiful shiny brand new air conditioner! 

Cooling tower close up shot

Now, here in Florida, an air conditioner is definitely a necessity. In Florida, we’re reaching the 90’s already, and it doesn’t take much to start feeling pretty durn HOT. And this year, I told my husband that a new air conditioner was just as much an investment in HIS happiness as it was in mine…you ladies understand how that works!

So, out came the 14-year-old air conditioning unit (that really wasn’t even big enough to efficiently cool the square footage of our home) and in went a bigger and better system. I can testify that it’s already SO much better – I can now stand over my stove and cook scrumptious things while feeling the AC blow on the back of my neck. It’s heaven, I tell you, pregnant or not!

While everything is running beautifully and perfectly right now, we definitely will continue to maintain this new system as we did the last one. I think our good maintenance is one reason why the last one made it for 14 years, especially over the last few summers!

So when Dan McKee contacted me about posting a piece on starting out your Spring Cleaning with an HVAC check-up, well, that was perfect! If you’re trying to maintain your system to avoid the costs of sudden maintenance or replacement, this is the post for you!

Spring is here and it’s time for annual spring cleaning. Clean out your drawers, cupboards and all the unnecessary things that you had accumulated over the winter and give your home a fresh start as the new season begins. While you make your list of ‘things-to-do’ for spring cleaning, don’t forget to add cleaning and maintenance of HVAC on it. Why? Because the air in your home should also be fresh and clean like your home. Additionally, it helps in achieving higher efficiency and saves energy as well. So how do you do that? Read on.

Checklist for HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance

Professional HVAC cleaning and maintenance is a smart investment that every homeowner should consider. This will make sure that your HVAC system operates smoothly and ensures that you don’t face expensive emergency repairs down the road.

HVAC is responsible for cleaning and conditioning the air and circulating it through the house. This makes it essential that the system itself is clean so that it doesn’t compromise the quality of the conditioned air that is being distributed in all the rooms. HVAC cleaning and maintenance should be a priority for the following reasons:

  • To Eliminate all the Hidden Expenses

Many people might feel that spring cleaning will add to their expenses and would rather want to skip it. However, choosing not to go ahead with spring cleaning will instead add on to the costs. HVAC maintenance ensures that the efficiency of the system is improved, monthly energy costs are reduced and the system has a long life. Leaks and blockages, dust accumulation in the air filters and coils, and low refrigerant levels add up to 30 percent more to the electric bill as disguised expenses. Spring cleaning will prevent that.

  • To Tackle the Concealed Allergens

Allergens can get trapped in the air filters, or accumulate in the coils and ducts of the HVAC system. These allergens then get expelled along with the conditioned air which might cause allergic reactions to those sensitive to dust, mold, etc. If someone in the family suffers from allergies, your first step should be to clean your HVAC and its ducts, coils, air filters and other breeding spots for allergens. Regular maintenance will keep the HVAC clean and you will notice a reduction of allergic reactions in the family.

  • To Preparing the System for the Warm Days

Spring does bring the pleasant weather but it will soon be by followed by sweltering summers. This means your dependence on the HVAC system will shoot up. Make sure that it is ready to bear the load of providing conditioned heat the whole day. It is always a better idea to get the maintenance done before you start using it on a regular basis as it helps in avoiding serious issues and even reduces the potential for any malfunction.

Two crucial aspects of HVAC cleaning and maintenance include:

  • Replacing the Air Filter

The first layer of HVAC that stops any kind of airborne particles is the air filter. If you don’t clean it frequently, the airborne particles, dust and dirt will get accumulated and clog the fan. This will block the conditioned air from circulating properly which will result in an inefficient system. Moreover, electric bills will get higher too. It is advised to change the HVAC air filters once every month or once every three months to maintain the quality of air and functionally of the system.

  • Scheduling a Pre-Season Check-Up

Call an HVAC technician and schedule a pre-season spring check-up. The heating and cooling specialists will make sure there are no leakages, cracks or holes present in the system. They will clean the system properly and ensure that all the parts are working and lubricated properly. This ensures high efficiency during the warm months that will follow.

Regular maintenance also prolongs the life of your HVAC system by preventing malfunction and damage. In the end, you will be left with great cost control, high efficiency and clean air circulating within your house, keeping your family safe. Don’t forget cheaper electric bills, too! As soon as you see spring arriving, focus on your HVAC system, too.

Author Bio:

Dan McKee heads up the marketing efforts and provides digital marketing strategies to the marketing team at Service Champions in California.

Excellent ideas, thank you so much, Dan! How about YOU? When was the last time YOUR HVAC system had a checkup? Now might be the perfect time to go for it!

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

18 thoughts on “Start Spring Cleaning with an HVAC Conditioning Check!

  1. our air went out last August(the worst) I really need to have it checked this year! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thank you for these tips! It would save a ton of money paying for utility bills when we have our AC and/or heater working at its best. Although it does not get as hot here as it is in Florida, I’d still take your advice and have our AC checked and serviced if necessary.

  3. We just had our AC checked. Thankfully because we had it on TWICE last week. Now its back to “Fall in May” but we are ready once the hot weather hits!

  4. I definitely need a new air conditioner for my bedroom at least. Mine is old and needs replacing before it gets too hot in here. I don’t have an Hvac system (I live in an apartment) but some clients of mine do and they get theirs checked yearly without fail.

  5. An air conditioner has become a most necessity gadget these days for your home with heat at its worse in summer. HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance sounds like a great service & it is good when you can have regular checkups of your AC to make sure everything is smooth enough.

  6. This Michigan girl is not loving this Florida heat. We rent and we rent from a family friend so asking and getting AC checks doesn’t happen. I know our unit needs cleaned. Once we own we will be having it done probably 2x a year since we have a dog so it gets clogged up more. I do change the filter every 2 weeks rather than a month though.

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