St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites

I never really was one to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, until I met my husband…who’s birthday is actually the same day! So now the whole family celebrates!

Last year I made him a birthday cake for his section at work – a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup birthday cake that took me about 6 hours to complete! Everyone loved it, and it DID look pretty cool, but I figured I’d ask if he wanted the same cake again or something different. When he saw a picture of these St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites, he was sold. “Yes, please!” he said. (By the way, if you’re looking for the recipe for that Reese’s Cake, you can find it on my Sweet Treats board on Pinterest!)

Like most things these days, I also found the recipe for his St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites on Pinterest. I saved them on my Lucky Duck Board – here’s the actual link: St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites. They’re supposed to look like this:


Cute, huh?


I started with these ingredients as the recipe called for them. I’ve never used a cookie mix before, but it seemed to work well.


You can make the dough as dark or light as you want. This is with about 1/4 of a teaspoon of green food coloring added. While I was working on this I thought, you know what, you could really make these cookies in all colors, and coordinate the sprinkles to match! Enter cookies that perfectly match your color scheme, whatever it may be! All you need is some food coloring and little creativity!


The dough was nice and green by the time it was ready to go into the oven, and it held together perfectly!


They came out beautifully, and they all looked relatively identical! (Love when that happens!)

The recipe called for icing in a can, so I complied, but I thought about making my own. Heck, I thought about making my own sugar cookie dough, too (I don’t do very many things just out of a bag) but I figured I’d follow the recipe exactly the first time. I think you could do everything from scratch here and it would be perfectly fine! It would just take longer.


This one was on sale, and I do love a sale, so it got my vote! The recipe called for me to spread the icing on with a knife…however, I knew of a quicker way!



Waaay quicker! This was the quickest part of the whole process! (And this way you don’t risk breaking a cookie while icing!)


Very pretty and festive, huh? Do you see how you can make these just about any color?

I had some chocolate chips on hand already, so I just melted those to use for dipping. Next time I will definitely use some baker’s chocolate – this was really thick. It was fine, just a little difficult to work with.


And you can’t forget the sprinkles! I started out with these pretty dark green ones, and the rainbow ones, but I added some more in there when I started to run out (you’ll see at the end).


After a lot of dipping, here’s what I came up with:


Fun, huh? I actually like how the rainbow sprinkle ones came out the best!


And then I just went a little crazy!

PicMonkey Collage

All in all, I was happy with how they turned out! My husband was happy, his section enjoyed them, and I will definitely make them again in various colors!

How do YOU celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Oh, and just an FYI, this post is linked up over at Tasty Tuesday’s at Creative Kids! You should click below and go check it out – tons of awesome stuff over there!

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5 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Bites

  1. Altho I love “from scratch” baked goods, I appreciate the ease of these cookies. Sometimes you just don’t have the time and I’m sure they tasted good.

  2. What a great idea for a St Patrick’s Day celebration of any kind–whether you send them or bring them to work-send them for your child’s class or maybe just as a present for the teacher (bears an apple!) They really look good!

  3. I don’t usually use stuff out of a bag or can either but sometimes it is so much faster. We do not really celebrate St. Patrick’s and probably won’t until my daughter is old enough to start asking questions about it. I just might introduce her to it this year because she keeps seeing it on her cartoons lol.

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