Spring Holiday Shelf!

I debated whether or not to decorate the Holiday Shelf after I took down Easter, because we are moving in less than two weeks, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add something else to my plate. But I love Spring, so I decided to go ahead! (Let me clarify: I love Spring INDOORS. My allergies are awful this year, so anytime I can see Spring through my window, or have it look like Spring inside my home without there being any pollen anywhere…I love Spring!)


So there she is! Bright and cheerful!


I snagged this cool and free printable from Printable Decor HERE. I’m really loving the combination of this aqua/baby blue and this peach/orange these days – so pretty! I’m really loving the Chevron stripes everywhere now, too. At first I thought those were ugly…but I’ve come around!

Here’s some of the little details…


The pretty lace you see is antique – given to me by my mom. I thought it added a soft “Springy” touch! The flowers are from my very large stash of artificial flowers that I keep (since regular flowers make me sneeze), and the Willow Tree figurines are from my collection – I just happened to have two holding flowers that almost match the printable – how convenient! (On a side note, when I went to their website to link it up here, I discovered that she has new ones holding new Spring flowers! Oh my!!!)


I had printed out a few different sizes of the printable, because I didn’t know which of my frames I wanted to use, how big I wanted it to be, etc. So I made a little banner by carving through the extra printables I had left over! I need to get some different twine for variety…but this seems to go with almost everything, so I’m using it until it’s gone! (Or until CoCo the kitty ruins it because I’ve left it where she can see it!)

So Happy Spring, everyone! I know, I know, the first day of Spring was back on March 20, but I had Easter all over my shelf then! I’m not really sure what I should decorate for next…we don’t have too many holidays soon approaching. Maybe Summer? Any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Spring Holiday Shelf!

  1. I just read your spring blog and I love it. Anyways I am with you… I just took down my easter stuff but I dont have anything to put up either until july because there is no other big holiday or anything similar to decorate for till then, except summer. I guess ill have to shop for that unless u come up with something interesting and share with me(us). By the way you are doing great with your road to domestication…. I love it!

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