Spring Cleaning…with Kids! – A Guest Post!

I have a confession to make.


It’s true. I don’t know what it is that makes me love to clean, but I do adore it! There’s not much I enjoy more than sitting down in my home when it’s spotless and smelling of citrus and cleaning products. (Well…sitting down for a MOMENT…before I see something else that needs cleaning or taking care of!)

And people who come to the house often tell me, “Your house is SO clean. Just wait until you have kids. It’ll never look like this again.”

Part of me agrees with them. But part of me thinks that the kids need to be taught to clean, too! My mom taught my sister and I to clean when we were tiny! And as I worked my way through college as a nanny for triplet boys, plus their baby brother, you can believe that those boys were taught how to clean, too!

So when the lovely Sofia Lewis contacted me with this post, I couldn’t stand it. FINALLY! Spring Cleaning…WITH KIDS! Perfect! (Since I don’t know about where YOU are, but around here, it’s Spring Break!)

Let’s see how she approaches it!

Spring Cleaning with Kids

With spring coming our way, you will need to focus on cleaning your home after the winter days behind you. There are ways you can do this with your kids in tow, both having fun together and getting the job done without too much effort involved in the process. If you handle most of the heavy stuff, you will have a decent time both teaching your children a valuable lesson and making sure you have fun along the way!

  • Using music to set the mood

We are all aware that music can give us plenty of energy to deal with our days, but you would do well to consider using it while doing domestic cleaning to give you that extra oomph you will need to get the job done. You can combine cleaning with a game of “wax museum” to put play and work together seamlessly, having them freeze when the music stops.

  • Collecting items

You can have your kids assist you in collecting all random items laying around, such as clothes, small tidbits and more and arranging them before cleaning so you can deal with the tasks ahead with greater ease. This will give you an edge you need when dealing with your chores without making it a bother for your kids.

  • Collecting dust

Even though dust can be quite bothersome, you would do well to combine cleaning it with a game of sorts. Dust bunnies are collections of dust and hair that collect around the corners of your home, but they can be cleaned fairly easily with nothing but a piece of cloth. You can have your kids help in finding them and collecting them or by dusting your furniture and upholstery. It will give them a job to do without too much involvement in the process.

  • Helping with sorting

You can ask your kids to help you sort through the laundry after you’re done washing it and drying it. They can help by folding it, but they can also do far more than that. Have the kids put away their toys, put things back in order around the home and while they put away their books, have them read one to you for example.

  • Downsizing your items

Consider dealing with the possessions you already have and downsize them to lighten the load during cleaning. Thrift stores, charities and online sales are a viable way of dealing with things in a more organized way, but you can still have your kids help out, offering their own opinion on the matter. You may be surprised at how incredibly smart kids can be when you least expect it. Baby and toddler items can be donated first, as kids tend to grow up pretty fast.

Great ideas, Sofia, thank you! I LOVE the music idea, of course. I do that all the time! And I especially like the sorting idea, too! (Never too young to learn good organizational skills!)

Do YOU involve your kiddos in cleaning? What works best at your house?

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25 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning…with Kids! – A Guest Post!

  1. My kids are not allowed to help me spring clean just like I am not allowed to help my husband. They will .. just like me with their dad.. fight me about tossing stuff. They want to keep everything.

  2. I love Spring cleaning I also love getting my kids go help! Them? Not so much. I plan to get them helping this weekend though… I’ll play music so I don’t have to hear the protesting!

  3. Even though I am an OCD, neat, clean freak, I have someone that cleans for me, because I actually don’t like to scrub my kitchen and bathrooms 🙁 But I have taught my daughter to keep her room tidy and she also does her own laundry.

  4. You need to come over to my place I will pay you in food and anything you can find while you clean lol I think the music playing really does help when I get motivated that’s what I have to do. I have a book shelf to clean.

  5. My kids only helped with spring cleaning if it was their own room. I didn’t usually want them involved in the rest of the house. I need to do some spring cleaning but we are in another remodel situation so it is best that I wait.

  6. I hate to clean 🙁 I really wish it was the opposite. I do how ever teach my boys to clean. These are some great tips, and I will be implementing them for sure.

  7. We’re planning a huge spring cleaning this weekend, and we plan to donate things that are too small, etc. Music is a great idea, I’m going to work on a playlist now! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  8. I couldn’t get into the cleaning groove as a mother until recently, but love doing it with my toddler’s help now! He seems much happier when we’re tackling something around the house together. Thanks for linking up with us at MeetUp Monday! Hope to see you again this week!
    –Mandy https://www.OddsandEvans.com

  9. Getting the kids involved is such a good idea. Now that PP is 3, I gotta get on this! She does take her dishes to the sink, and sometimes picks up her toys. It’s more that I don’t require it. I know, bad Omie. 🙁

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