Spring Cleaning: Organizing Your Garage

One of the best things you can do to bring happiness and relief into your life is by decluttering. Cleaning out an area of your house is validating, exciting, and will bring positive energy into your life. It’s time to clean out one of the commonly neglected areas of the house–the garage. 

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Set Aside Some Time

Plan out a specific time when you want to get your spring cleaning done. Make your timeline realistic so that you don’t end up putting it off due to intimidation of not being able to get through it. The ideal option is to set apart a Saturday or weekend to knock all of the organizing and cleaning out at once. A three day weekend might even work, although a holiday weekend like this may be hard spent cleaning and organizing instead of playing with the family or taking a trip.  If that’s not an option due to scheduling, then make a plan to do a little bit each day for the next while and get the family involved to their part so that it’s not overwhelming. 

Sort Your Possessions

A huge part of spring cleaning includes getting rid of stuff you don’t need. When cleaning out an area of the house, it’s always shocking how much stuff we tend to keep that we never or rarely use.

Start by creating three piles: items to keep, items to donate, and items to save. Get rid of any duplicate or extra items you don’t need. Don’t put too much thought into any one item. If you find something you feel sentimental about but know you don’t need, take a picture of it, and then donate or trash it. You don’t need items just taking up space in your life. 

Once you have your possessions sorted, immediately take the donation items to a local donation site and throw out your trash. It’s the worst part, so do it as soon as possible so those items don’t just sit and weigh on your mind. 

Clean the Space

Move as many items as you can out of the garage so you can scrub it down and clean everything. Dust, sweep, and mop the entire area. It’s a lot of work, but will feel satisfying if you take the time to complete this step. Don’t forget to wipe down walls. Walls are just as important as the floors and things being stored in the garage.

Map Out Your Garage for Optimal Organization

Map out your garage and decide where you want your kept items to go. Many stores have great shelving and organization tools that will help you keep your garage clean and organized. Half the battle of keeping a space organized is keeping minimal items, and then organizing them in a manner that is easy to maintain and is intuitive for you and the people in your house. 

Another thing to think about is investing in a garage system. Not only will it add value to your home, it will also add value to your life by keeping the garage free and clear— keeping everything put away in cupboards, shelves, and hooks. While you may be able to install one yourself, having a group of professionals come out will allow you to use their designer so that they can design something custom for your specific garage size, maximizing the space you have, adding elements that you want or need, and at the same time, warrants the installer’s work. Should anything need to be re-done, you won’t need to worry about coming out of pocket. Some companies even have a free consultation where they come out to your home to measure and design it, giving you an estimate for it all right then and there. 

Fill the Garage With Things You’ll Use

Now it’s time for the fun part—buying new things you will actually use! A summer essential to keep in the garage is a folding lawn chair. It’s portable, accessible, and comfortable for you to use on those lovely summer nights and hot summer days. Another great thing to have for warmer days is a golf set. Find a 3 wedge set that will help you improve your short game. Refreshing your area will help you feel reset and renewed. You’ll also have the space to purchase any other items you want or needed to replace. 

Now that you’ve cleaned and organized the garage, pulling into the garage will be much more enjoyable. Make sure to keep up on cleaning the garage and do a reset every few months to make sure you’re staying on top of any clutter you accumulate. If you end up with a garage system, having a family system of who’s is who’s by having designated cubbies or drawers and going over which units can store miscellaneous things can make a world of difference. 

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