Spring Cleaning Hacks for the Resourceful!

Well, I may be a bit behind the band wagon on this one, but let’s talk about spring cleaning! Have y’all started on yours yet?! I’m just getting going on this end!


The thing about spring cleaning is, it’s easy to run out of your supplies pretty quickly once you get in the groove. So when Stewart from The Rug Seller contacted me about some spring cleaning hacks…oh yes! Bring it on!


Okay, I’m sorry, but am I the only one who is amazed that COKE will clean your TOILET?! Y’all better stop DRINKING that mess, right?! WOW!

I love that I now have a variety of options to clean with – thanks so much, Stewart! 

Do YOU have any spring cleaning hacks to share?!

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28 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Hacks for the Resourceful!

  1. Love this! what great tips. My next cleaning project is the pantry. So this is so very helpful! I also can’t wait to try the coke trick for the toilet. Who knew.

  2. Awesome inforgraphic. It’s really great to learn all these cleaning hacks, saves time and money! Thanks for sharing these tips. Also, I am also amazed at that coke thing ever since I saw the video I have wanted to test it out, lol.

  3. These are so nifty! I’ve also heard that Coca Cola can remove rust… which, honestly, seems a bit disturbing to me more than anything! I find it amusingly ironic that one form of alcohol can remove another (in the case of vodka for red wine stains)!

  4. We don’t have spring here in the Philippines, but I’ve been cleaning like crazy since last week. It’s school break season, and I now have the liberty to clean the house spic and span. 🙂

  5. OMG IO get more and more disgusted that the creators of Coke still produce it for human consumption…that made me sick aaaiishhh.

    That said, these are awesome tips. only I wont be buying coke any time soon coz my liluns would defo drink it NO.

  6. I am so trying shoe polish on a spot on my white leather sofa! My little one got ahold of a pen and left some artwork on the side of it. I have got *most* of the ink out but there is still a faint spot. Maybe this will do the trick!!

  7. I have a lot to do with the Spring cleaning & these are some wonderful hacks that could come so handy when I step in. I love that Info-graphic which is quiet informative enough to try all these hacks.

  8. I have to have a list or I will forget what my plan is. Plus I try to space it out so it’s not so overwhelming!

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