Solutions to Treat the High-Traffic Areas of Your Carpet – A Guest Post!

You may have read a post or two before from me, noting that the only places in our current home that are covered in carpet are three closets. (Well, we have large area rugs, but actual carpet is only in three closets.) One of those closets being our master bedroom walk-in. It’s a pretty large closet, and it’s also the favorite spot of CoCo the black kitty.

When we first brought CoCo to this house, she was terrified, because she didn’t know what was happening and she didn’t know where she was. The first place she went was into the closet, because, by the time we got her to the house, we already had some of our clothes in the closet. I think she could smell our scent on them, and it was comforting to her.

She has loved that closet ever since. Especially when she’s scared. She’ll head for the closet in a heartbeat.

When we brought home Taffy the white doggy, CoCo started spending even more time in that closet. We realized it was a safe place for her, so we bought a little pet gate and we keep that at the closet door, and even started keeping her food and water in there, so Taffy couldn’t get to it.

I say all that to say this: even though we don’t have much carpet at our home, there is a LOT of traffic that happens on the carpet that’s in the Master Bedroom closet…and it was looking a little dingy.

However, blogger Pheeby Snow sent me a post to publish that will help my dingy Master Bedroom closet carpet…and any carpet you may have around your home, too! Let’s check out what she has to say!


Properly-chosen carpets can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home, and all the interior designers pay a considerable amount of attention to them. But after the initial excitement of the fresh new carpet comes the more difficult part – its maintenance.

Admittedly, nobody intends to use their carpets forever – but at the same time nobody would buy an expensive carpet with the aim of throwing it away in an year or two. It is all about maintenance. No matter how much money you have invested in your carpets, they can serve you for the years to come, provided that you handle them with care. All too often the regular vacuuming is barely enough to keep the neatness of the carpet. Moreover, preventing damages and stains is sometimes an impossible mission. You definitely need a better solution. Here are some tips you can take advantage of:

  • Are you sure that you have the right tools for making the carpets clean? In order to achieve the desired results you’d better ask sofa cleaning team in Fulham for professional assistance. If you insist on cleaning on your own, just rent a professional hot water extraction machine, also known as a steam cleaner. Even if you don’t have enough experience in operating with professional cleaning machines, the final results will be impressive.
  • Treating stains is another tough mission you have to complete if you want to have healthy carpets. Whenever you see a stain or a spillage on the carpet, your first reaction is probably grabbing a sponge and scrubbing it. Unfortunately, that’s a common cleaning mistake you have to avoid. Why don’t you try blotting the stain? You will see that it will make a difference.
  • Asking your guests and members of the family to take their shoes off when they come into the house can sometimes do more harm than good. The oils are among the main causes of dirty – looking carpets and if someone steps barefoot, they transfer even more oils to the carpet, which makes the cleaning procedures really complicated.
  • As you suppose, the carpets at your home don’t get evenly dirty. Some areas are dirtier than others and therefore they need more attention. Do you think that the doorstep is capable of making the dirty shoes clean? Take a look at the condition of your carpet right in front of the door and do your best to keep its decent condition. Treat that area with a powerful carpet cleaning detergent on weekly basis.
  • Powder laundry detergent is a perfect solution to your carpet cleaning worries. Sprinkle it onto the affected areas, add some water and gently scrub until you get a soft foam. Don’t add an excessive amount of the cleaning detergent though. It will prolong the time for rinsing and drying.
  • Beware of the professional carpet cleaning detergents. Most of them are not appropriate for wool carpets and they can cause severe damages to the carpet fibers.
  • If you have a pet, you probably know that the carpets absorb the bad odor and there is no neutraliser powerful enough to remove it once and for all. Why don’t you try the following: mix half a cup of white vinegar with lukewarm water and blot with a soft cloth. The freshness will linger for at least two weeks.
  • The chewing gum stuck to the carpet is really unpleasant but luckily it can easily be removed if you put an ice cube onto it and carefully scratch it after that.

Thanks so much for all these tips, Pheeby! An ice cube on gum?! I had no idea!

What is YOUR best carpet-cleaning tip?

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

54 thoughts on “Solutions to Treat the High-Traffic Areas of Your Carpet – A Guest Post!

  1. We have carpet in the bedrooms only. Eventually I want to carry the hardwood floors into those rooms, as well. I do have area rugs in the dining room and great room. I have to always remind myself to blot and not scrub. I just want to scrub it really hard. Great tips!

  2. We are in the process of replacing the flooring in all of our home. The bedrooms were first with new carpet. I though of my cats as you were talking about Coco. One of our cats loves to hide in our closet for some reason. He takes naps in there sometimes.
    That blot don’t scrub tip is the best one! Thanks for all of this good advice. Pinning.

  3. It seems to me that by pandering to CoCo’s original need to hide, you’ve perpetuated it. I don’t think I’d want food and water inside my wardrobe, despite the ability to make it nice and clean again.

    • It’s not so much for the sake of her hiding, Francene…it’s more for the sake of Taffy the dog not eating her food. We work away from home all day and aren’t able to make sure the dog behaves perfectly at all times…and we don’t want CoCo to be hungry all day πŸ™‚ No worries, it’s a very large closet – the food and water never touches our clothing πŸ™‚

  4. We don’t wear our shoes in our house. It stays cleaner that way…. and, I read somewhere that outside dirt in your home can cause illness like cancer etc. Not sure how true that is, but I have geese that live outside near the pond and I don’t want goose poop in my house.

  5. We have carpet only in one room, our downstairs “extra” living space. It’s dark blue, so you can’t see a lot of stains. I try to steam clean it periodically, just to make sure I’m getting all of the extra dirt out of there.

  6. Thankfully I only have one room with a carpet and it’s a room we never use so I just vacuum from time to time. But I will have to show this to my mom, her whole house is carpeted and with a dog she is forever trying to keep the carpets as clean as can be. I’m sure she’d appreciate these tips.

  7. We don’t really have much carpet in out house, but the spot that gets the worst is the bottom landing where we keep our shoes. For some reason, hubs thinks he has to step onto it to take off his nasty work boots instead of taking them off on the linoleum.

  8. When we had carpet, thankfully we don’t anymore, we would take our shoes off before stepping on it. In addition, we would have blankets down under the baby and not allow the kids to eat over it.

  9. Great tips! We used to rent in a house with white carpet in all the rooms. What a nightmare with three kids lol. Now thank goodness our whole house is mostly tile with area rugs. Less for this mom to scrub. Even still I have a no shoes in my house policy too.

  10. Great tips, Kristen! Never knew carpets was such a popular topic πŸ™‚ In Israel it’s too hot, so most people just stick with tiles and/or wooden floors. We did have rugs, though, and our greatest problem were the pets pishing to define their territory. We did away with the rugs and did away with the pets …
    I’m a happier domestic πŸ™‚
    Thanks πŸ™‚
    HUGS <3

  11. Our carpet right when you walk in looks worn. Of course it is the first thing you see when you walk in so I hate it. I want to replace it but hubby said (wisely) that with winter coming, that doesn’t make sense right now.

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  14. A little advice: if you spill red wine or coffee on the carpet, absorb the liquid with white towel and after that put some salt on the spot. If you do this as soon as possible, the stain could be removed. If you have pets at home it’s good to hire professional carpet cleaning company twice a year.

  15. Great article! Some areas do need serious treatment! But you can never be sure which cleaning method is the best one, if you don’t know the exact carpet material. There’re cleaning companies that use eco-friendly and eficient solutions and do know what to do. If your carpet is close to your heart, you better call the professionals.

  16. Very useful post, thanks for sharing! It’s very important to read the label of your carpet before applying any cleaning detergents on it. If they are not the right ones for your textile flooring, they could destroy it. A good idea is to use professional cleaning help once or twice a year because regular vacuum cleaning is just not enough.

  17. Great article! Some areas do need serious treatment! But you can never be sure which cleaning method is the best one, if you don’t know the exact carpet material.

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