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Today’s post is just a quick little one!


I wanted to give everyone the links to The Road to Domestication Facebook and Twitter pages!  Visit the Facebook HERE and the Twitter HERE! I link the blogs up there, but you’ll also find TONS of other great stuff – from tips and tricks to organization checklists and more!


I’ve had a few people ask me if I plan on starting a YouTube Channel where I would actually film projects, cooking and other tutorials…and I’m not sure about that as of yet. Do you have any thoughts on that front?


Oh, and you can always find me on Pinterest, too, HERE! (This is my personal page, but I don’t think I’ll create one for The Road to Domestication…that might just send me right over the edge, and that’s the last thing I need!)


AND, I’m on LinkedIn! (The more I type the more I think of!) Find my profile HERE!

Maybe in the future Instagram might pop up, or Google+, I’m not sure, but the above are where I can be found for right now. Where can YOU be found? I’d love to follow your blog, your Facebook, Twitter, whatever you’ve chose to be social with!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full-blown blog! Here are a few of the things that are coming soon…

What’s In Your Purse?
Product Testing: Cool Whip Frosting
He is Risen – Celebrating Easter!
The Sick Box
Color Coordinating Organizational Containers

…and much more!

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