Simple Vegetable Garden Tips – A Guest Post!

I’ve been working around the outside of our home quite a bit these days. Doing some much-needed updating to the landscaping, and trying not to get heat stroke in the process! It’s been HOT in Florida of late! 

But even in the heat, I still enjoy “gardening”. I’ve got some Confederate Jasmine and Begonias growing beautifully up front, along with some Indian Hawthorns and even a new Sable Palm! In the backyard, I have some tropicals like Plumerias and Hibiscus, and I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on my Pineapple bed and my wee little rose garden so I can share with all of you! Oh, and the herb garden is doing fantastic on the patio – smells amazing!

And then there’s my vegetable garden. That’s been the experiment, really. So far I’m only growing beans, some simple salad greens, Romaine Lettuce and okra. So not what I wanted it to be at this point – it’s been a big work in progress, that’s for sure.

So when Sofia Lewis contacted me to see if I would share her vegetable garden tips…I knew I personally needed them! I hope they are helpful to all of you, as well! Let’s see what she’s got for us…

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If you are an avid gardener or want to become one, you should learn all the tricks of the profession. There are many little things that you can learn in order to make yourself a better gardener or at the very least ease up your gardening effort a little. Such tricks can be time savers, or they can be the difference between a properly raised vegetables and vegetables that appear simply because you planted them and watered them enough for some results to appear. You do not want the latter, so here are some tips for you and your vegetable garden!

  • This should go without saying, but sometimes people do need to be reminded that gardens of any type require rigorous maintenance. After the leaf clearance and grass cutting to make room, and planting them, your job is definitely not done. Now comes the time for regular watering to keep the soil around the stalks and roots of the plants moist so that the plant does not dry out. Weed control is also vital as you need to keep the vegetables healthy. 
  • The green waste in your garden does not need to go to waste. You can instead use it for composting. Do a quick research how to do passive composting and you can even spare yourself the time for finding fertilizers for your garden. Active composting is much harder to do and it will require more effort, but, as with everything in life, harder work will give better results. 
  • Create different beds for different types of plants. For instance, if you like salad vegetables, make a raised bed. This way you can fill it with the soil you want and not the one your yard offers you, you can frame it to look aesthetically pleasing, and you can make it into something productive with just a little exposure to life. Plant lettuce, spinach, and other leafy plants that you usually use for salads, or you can even plant spices and herbs. 
  • Sometimes people like making a container garden, placing every seed in a different container. It is a new fashion that people started exploring and it seems to be working out nicely. How about planting your cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, and onions in different containers and arrange them as your heart desires on sunny spots around your garden. 
  • Avoid pesticides and herbicides whenever possible. Unless your garden is literally flooding with pests and vermin, do avoid all the toxic spraying of the plants that you plan on eating in the future. There are enough GM foods out there as it is, do not contribute to them. If you want a garden, at least make it an organic one. It is much better both for the environment and your own family’s health.

Stick to these tips to create a pleasing and beautiful vegetable garden which you can make use of as soon as the first crops appear. Home-raised vegetables are always tastier than the store-bought ones, so do yourself a favor and do it yourself.

Read more ideas at:

Oh my goodness, I hadn’t even thought of composting, and I certainly didn’t know there were different kinds! Great information, Sofia, thank you!

Do YOU have a vegetable garden at your home? What’s growing well for you right now?

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16 thoughts on “Simple Vegetable Garden Tips – A Guest Post!

  1. Living on the 7th floor of an apartment building with no patio I do not have a garden. One of y bookkeeping clients does but now that she is getting older she hires someone to take care of it mostly at least. I do have to tell her about the composting–it is a very good idea!

  2. Gardens can be so fun and rewarding but you are so right, rigorous work to say the least! It sounds like you have been working very hard in your garden! Flowers are my favorite garden plant!

  3. I rally wanted to do a good garden since we have a little space for it now in the backyard. But with a baby, it is hard to do some stuff….so I threw together a busy garden. OBVIOUSLY, I haven’t taken much care of it because reading this post, made me remember that I did plant some

  4. I had every intention of planting a larger garden this year, but I never did. I do have herbs and flowers in beds and containers. I totally agree about avoiding pesticides when possible.

  5. I was blessed with a hibiscus, and some periwinkles (vinca), And some mexican heather. All I do so far is deadhead the hibiscus. God is a grat gardener!
    That pic is just the cutest!

  6. Gardening is a lot of work but, as you suggested, you gotta love it to do it. My mom was an avid gardener and I picked up some of her passion… I find it relaxing and satisfying; especially when the crops and flowers grow. 😉

  7. I just love that cutest picture of the babies with veggies. We love gardening so much & my husband is doing a great job in maintaining them over the years. These tips will personally help me so much to do my part when ever I can.

  8. It is great that you provide such useful information here! People should learn that there are other way to get rid of their garden waste. There are various composting methods including cone holder in order to do a passive composting.

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