Show Us Your Spring Clean – with MAAC!

Well, it’s almost summertime now! Is your Spring Cleaning complete?

I’ll be honest – mine is NOT! (I’ve been a little behind this year, probably due to being pregnant with twins, I don’t know…) but I’m almost there! Good thing, too – it’s pretty much summer!

MAA_Spring_Clean - Copy

And while we all feel better after a good cleaning to our homes, it’s important to remember that sometimes, cleaning can be dangerous! Watch out for things like…

  • Asbestos – may have been used in your home in previous years, and can offer a nasty reaction if disturbed.
  • Paint – all paints are considered hazardous waste! Make sure you dispose of them properly!
  • Smoke detectors – some of them use radioactive materials to detect smoke! Yikes!

So when Sarah from MAAC (Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center) contacted me with a great Spring Cleaning infographic that also reminds us to watch out for the dangers that may be involved, I thought it was perfect! See for yourself…


For more information on the dangers that can be associated with Spring Cleaning, and details on how to neutralize them, CLICK HERE!

Have you ever run across anything dangerous while YOU were cleaning?

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12 thoughts on “Show Us Your Spring Clean – with MAAC!

  1. I do a thorough spring cleaning every year. And I make sure the entire family gets in on it. There are parts of my house that are downright grungy when that time rolls around.

  2. The dangers of Spring Cleaning people really don’t thing about or even know about. MAAC is something I have never heard about before but I am glad you are sharing with others about it. This is indeed a great Spring Cleaning infographic that I will be printing out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Spring cleaning isn’t one of the things we look forward to but it’s always been so fulfilling to do. Especially for a clean-freak like me. I love having a system or a routine when I start my spring cleaning!

  4. I like spring cleaning so that our home will be ready for the next season. Allergies are one of the things I hate so I better start checking the possible sources.

  5. I hate cleaning dusty stuff, but I will clean our house before summer ends. The infographics you share is so informative!

  6. Spring Cleaning is not one of my favorites things to do. One time I ran into a spider that freaked me out a bit!

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