Shilajit: The Super Food You Wish You Knew Before

If you’re unfamiliar with Shilajit, now might be the best time to get to know this super food that has been around for centuries. 

Shilajit is a sticky and black tar-like substance that is often found in high mountain ranges like the Himalayas. It’s the byproduct of a century-long process of decomposition of plants and minerals. Before, Shilajit was traditionally sourced in India and Tibet but now it can be found in several other countries.

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Shilajit has also been at the core of Ayurvedic medicine, which is an ancient Indian medical system that relies on a natural approach to physical and mental health. If used correctly, incorporating Shilajit in your diet can bring you a lot of health benefits!

Improves Brain Function

Shilajit is rich in compounds and minerals that could be helpful in developing the cognitive functions of our brain. Shilajit could also be the key to further improve the results and progress of those who are undergoing therapy for Alzheimer’s disease.

A study that was documented by the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease showed that Shilajit was used traditionally to increase longevity and reduce aging. This could mean that taking Shilajit could possibly help in managing some cognitive disorders.

Slows Down Aging

On the other hand, it was proven in another study that the fulvic acid, which is one of the main compounds found in Shilajit, can and will act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemicals in your body.

Shilajit could also help in reducing the number of free radicals and prevent damage in the cells. And consuming Shilajit supplements every day could help slow down aging and improve the overall vitality of some people.

Helps Treat Anemia

Iron deficiency is one of the many culprits of anemia. When you suffer from iron deficiency. It means that there are not enough healthy blood cells in your body which ultimately results in anemia. Some of the many symptoms of this condition are having an irregular heartbeat, suffering from fatigue and weakness, cold hands and feet, and headaches.

In order to triumph over anemia, one might need to up their iron levels. Good thing, Shilajit has been found to keep high levels of humic acid and iron in its core that could be helpful in the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia.

Reduces Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue

You suffer from chronic fatigue when you always feel tired even if you don’t work that much, or at least exert too much effort. Having little energy to do even the simplest things and getting tired after light work are also seen as symptoms of this fatigue.

 In a 2012 study, Shilajit has been found to be a good ingredient that could possibly help reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue. Shilajit could improve  the cellular functions in the body which could then naturally increase the level of energy that a person must have to do more work without feeling tired immediately.  

Improves Heart Health

A recent study presented that Shilajit has protective effects on the heart of lab animals. Animals that took Shilajit before cardiac injury showed signs of lesser damage to their heart compared to the animals who were not treated with Shilajit.

This may mean that Shilajit could exhibit protective and shielding effects on the heart while suffering from active heart conditions.

Now that you’ve acquainted with this lesser-known superfood and its key health benefits, it’s about time to introduce this to your system.

There are many ways to integrate Shilajit Australia into your daily meals and diet. From resin oils, to tinctures, and extract powder, you can safely consume this superfood to enjoy its array of health benefits.

Shilajit is that type of superfood that you wish you knew before. It may not be as popular as the elderberries, mushrooms and other herbal medicines, but Shilajit contains many vitamins, compounds and minerals that are proven effective in treatments of various conditions.

With the recommended and correct dosage, Shilajit could be beneficial to anyone’s immune system, cognitive system and overall health. So what are you waiting for? Get a hold of this superfood in whatever form you like it and don’t miss out on its many benefits!

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