Why Sewing is Great for Your Brain!

As if I don’t have enough to do these days (HA!) I’ve been thinking about taking up sewing. Maybe making all the twins outfits. Maybe opening an Etsy shop. Maybe making some cute treasures for friends and family. 


I talked myself out of that because I thought it might be too stressful, right? But then Louis from Terry’s Fabrics contacted me with this cool info graphic about why sewing is great for your BRAIN! What?! Check it out!!!

Health Benefits of Sewing
Health Benefits of Sewing by Terrys Fabrics.

So what do YOU think? Do you think YOUR brain would be helped by some sewing?

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17 thoughts on “Why Sewing is Great for Your Brain!

  1. I sure wish I had paid attention in Home Ec! I can hem a pair of pants and sew on a button, but that’s about it. I really need to figure out that sewing machine I received for Christmas a few years ago. I asked for a basic machine and I got something sleek, black and way beyond my expertise. I need all the brain help I can get. 🙂

  2. Wow. I didn’t know that sewing had so many positive effects on our health. My mom used to take sewing lessons when I was a little girl. I think any activity that would enhance creativity is good for brain health.

  3. Hum–maybe that is why my 94 year old Mom is in better shape mentally then most of her friends. She did all the above for many years until arthritis took control of her hands. She still does cross word puzzles and now goes to physical therapy to strengthen her legs and balance.

  4. Sewing is one of those skills I wish now I would have learned. Wasn’t interested growing up so I never persued it. Now, i could kick myself. I do have a sewing machine… it’s used daily, as a door stop LOL

  5. Wished I put more attention in my home science class. All I can do now, is hem a pair of pants and sew on a button, or patch holes but that’s about it. IMO, anything than could enhance the left brain hemisphere to think is great for the brain.

  6. I have been wanting to pick up a new hobby, so I appreciate this information on sewing. It’s interesting how you point out that sewing actually works your brain and helps lower heart rate and blood pressure. It’s pretty amazing that this hobby could be fun and beneficial for my body. I imagine that in order to get started I will need to talk to someone who knows how to sew and have them help me find the right machine for me.

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