Seven Christmas Home Tours for Christmas Eve!

If you’re stopping by the blog today, then you must be all set for Christmas and decided to do something fun! Congratulations!

Depending on what time it is right now, I am at one of four Christmas Eve gatherings we are supposed to attend today. Whew! But before I left, I set up six home tours for you to check out if you’re still feeling the need for some Christmas inspiration!

The first one is simply the Christmas Home Tour of our own home from last year! Did you happen to see it? If not, CLICK HERE to check it out!


The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth ones (I know, I know!) are from last year, too! Trust me, if you missed these tours, you’ll definitely want to check them out!

Tammy’s House: Designer-Driven!


Krysta’s House: Sassy & Classy!


Tania’s House: Victorian D.I.Y.



Kitty’s Home: Every Tree a Memory!


Mallory’s Home: A Very Shabby Christmas!



But number 7 is no repeat! It’s the video tour of our home THIS year! Check it out! (And I’m sorry in advance for the darkness – I wanted to film it at night so you could get the full effect!)

From my home to all of yours…MERRY CHRISTMAS!

13 thoughts on “Seven Christmas Home Tours for Christmas Eve!

  1. Wow, everything is so special. My kids actually did most of the decorating this year (they are 16 years old and up), but you have inspired me to go back up in the attic and bring down some of my special decorations to place about our home to bring even more Christmas cheer. It’s never too late, right?

    Very nice post. Thanks.

  2. I love looking at all the decorations. Since it’s just the boyfriend and I, we typically don’t go all out, and as I just had hysterectomy this past week – open cut, not laporascopic – we really weren’t in the mood to decorate. But I was pleasantly surprised to come home to lights strung around the patio door and candles lit in the front room. Just enough for us this year.

  3. Very nice and simple – not too complicated. I love how your hubby buys you a part of that manger scene each year; that is so special! Merry Christmas, Kristen!

  4. Kristen, you have a typo at the beginning of your post. You said that y’all had 4 Christmas eve gatherings to attend! No way!
    These home are gorgeous. I just love taking a peek inside of other people’s decorations!

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