Self-Care Tips to Improve Mental Health During the Pandemic

Mental health is as equally important as physical health. After all, how many medical studies alone prove that many serious diseases are caused simply by lifestyle choices?

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As we practice social distancing and proper hygiene to fight the coronavirus, why not practice social distancing towards negative self-talk, overthinking and lack of self-discipline, as well?

It’s totally possible to live a fulfilling life in healthy ways! Here are a few top self-care tips to help YOU improve your fulfillment level and mental health during the pandemic.

The Best Morning Routine

It starts when the sun rises for us to see the light of day. What do you check first when you wake up? The majority of folks will definitely say that they check their phone first, most probably the notifications and emails from their bosses. However, this behavior harms our state of mind.

It is not healthy when the first information our minds absorb are negative messages that we read on our mobile phone. For example, the ever-increasing positive rate of coronavirus cases or the fact that your boss wants your work to be done ASAP. When that happens, you think and overthink the worst possible situation or scenarios. Thus, it increases the risk of being influenced by stressors that will affect your mood the entire day.

What is the best morning routine?

The best morning routine should start with calmness of mind. As soon as you wake up, allow yourself to sit quietly for at least a minute or two. During this period, you may do a breathing exercise so you will not be tempted to pick up your mobile phone. When you do this, you are allowing your mind to be with nature as you feel the fresh air of the new morning in your life. Thus, it generates positive energy and a state of mind.

After this, you may now stand up and start making your bed, the first task of the day. Navy Seal Commander General Raven McRaven learned the importance of doing this in his training in his early days. He says this simple task helps your mind to prepare to complete the next. Therefore, you will be able to be productive when you go through the day. And when you are finally home after a long work day, you will be able to comfortably lie down in the bed that was made first thing in the morning.

When you have finished making the bed, you may do a little walk around the house or a simple stretching exercise. After this is the best time to prepare your meal. And instead of picking up your mobile phone, it is recommended that you watch something fun on your TV using freesat boxes.

Finally, take a cold shower. Tom Bilyue, a successful entrepreneur, explains that cold showers suck and doing things that suck everyday will help build your resilience. Also, there are plenty of health benefits. A cold shower will allow you to practice gaining control of your mind.

Wait until you are completely ready to go for work before you start checking your phone, social media, and emails.

The Best Free-Time Activity

How we spend our free time plays a vital role in developing a healthy mental state. If we lie down all day long doing nothing aside from tapping our fingers on our gadgets, then that will harm our mental state. It causes insecurities, stress, and anxiety. That is because often we see on social medial ONLY the selected glamorous lives of the people we admire around us.

What is the best free-time activity?

The answer is simple. What did you like to do the most when you were a kid that you’ve stopped doing now?

I am confident these activities are the most beneficial to your state of mind:

  • Reading a book – it can be a light novel or inspirational
  • Painting and drawing as far as your mind can imagine
  • Practice driving a vehicle
  • DIY projects and crafting

There are numerous healthy habits to develop in your free time – perhaps if getting in shape and running a marathon aren’t for you then discovering and trying new things like mushroom tea might hit the spot! The only concern is how you will overcome procrastination. The best way to do that is to think of the more your body doesn’t like doing it, the more you will push your thought in doing it.

With or without the pandemic, I believe these practices will help us develop a healthy state of mind. Not only does this help us in treating anxiety and fight serious diseases, but also gives us an opportunity to develop the skill to socialize well, especially with family members.

How’s YOUR mental health these days?

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