Save Money on Everyday Items by Repairing Them Instead of Throwing Them Out

Society is moving towards a general consensus that it’s far better to repair and reuse than to discard and re-buy. And with good reason. First of all, who doesn’t like to save money? Second of all, our throwaway culture directly contributes to climate crisis. The process of incinerating our waste, especially plastic waste, uses fossil fuels and releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. 

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The throwaway fashion industry is one of the worst culprits, yet a number of companies are challenging the norm with novel ideas like making jeans from recycled denim or repairing sunglasses with new lenses. 

Support this green revolution at home and save yourself a few dollars in the process by making these simple repairs to everyday items.

Wobbly Wooden Chairs and Tables

Over time, wear and tear can cause wooden furniture to wobble. Wooden chair legs can become unstable and table legs can no longer reach the floor. You can fix both of these issues with simple items found in the home. First, let’s tackle the chair. A wobbly chair is the result of a gap between the top of one of the legs and the seat. Figure out which leg is the culprit and stick a wooden toothpick into the gap. Problem solved. 

You can repair a shortened table leg just as easily. All you need is a wine cork and some strong glue. With a pen-knife, slice off a round of cork thick enough to fill the gap between the table leg and the floor. Glue the cork in place and your table will be as sturdy as the day you bought it.

Broken Toilet Lever

The levers on old fashioned toilets are always breaking. But before you call a plumber or  buy a new lever system, see if you can save money and repair the lever yourself. Often, if the lever is loose and can be pulled down but doesn’t actually flush the toilet, the issue is a detached chain. Try lifting the lid off the toilet, put your hand in the tank to locate the chain and reattach it. If any of the parts that connect the toilet handle to the flapper part of the lever (rod, chain, nut or handle) are snapped replace only that part.

Mildewed Shower Curtain Liner

Shower curtain liners can  become stained with mildew, especially if your bathroom is not well ventilated. It’s important to keep the humidity in your bathroom as low as possible but if your shower curtain liner does become mildewed, don’t throw it out. You can clean mildew in the washing machine. Wash the shower curtain liner on a short but hot cycle. Put some old towels in the machine to help with the cleaning process and add half a cup of bleach. Once dried, your shower curtain liner will look like new!

Dull Scissors

It’s super frustrating to pick up a pair of scissors only to find they’re dull. No longer sharp, scissors are pretty useless so you might as well throw them away, right? Wrong! It’s easy to sharpen scissors yourself at home with nothing more than aluminum foil. Stack several sheets of aluminum foil on top of each other. Fold in half and half again. Now cut through them with the scissors being sure to open the scissors wide and snip right through to the end of the blades. Cut through the foil a dozen or so times and your scissors should be back to their best.

Punctured Garden Hose and Play Pool

If you’re a person who spends a lot of time in their garden, you know how often items like hoses and plastic play pools can spring a leak. When it’s cheap to replace these items, it seems easier to just go to the store and buy a new one. But consider that every leaky hose and inflatable pool you throw away ends up in landfill and you may be more inclined to fix it. There are three great adhesives you can use to repair garden items with punctures. A bicycle repair kit, simple superglue or duct tape. Choose which adhesive to use, depending on the size and location of the puncture. 

Taking good care of your home and the things in it is a great way to save money and do your bit to help save the planet!

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