Room for Two: How to Decorate a Bedroom for Twins!

So our twins will be here sometime in mid-August, and right now our main project is getting their room ready. Almost time to decorate! Until now the room has been used pretty much as a “project” room – it morphs into whatever is needed at the time. And a lot of that has been storage – so you can imagine the fun I’m having cleaning it up! 

But soon, I’ll be able to actually jump into some decorating, which is the fun part! So when Marie Nieves contacted me to see if I wanted to publish her post about decorating a bedroom for twins…well, yes, of course! She’s got some great ideas here – check it out!

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When you are expecting a baby, you want to prepare everything for its arrival, including decorating its room perfectly. What happens when you are expecting two babies, though? Well, it is twice as exciting because you are getting double bundles of joy. Decorating a nursery for twins will require a lot of imagination and inventiveness. You will have to create a balanced design while keeping in mind that your children are different and that they will grow up to have different interests and preferences, so include a certain dose of individuality. Easier said than done right? Read on to get some clarity on the matter.

Define Territories with Paint

When we are talking about a bedroom for twins, defining each twin’s territory (no matter if it is a boy-boy, boy-girl or a girl-girl) is essential. As your kids are getting a little older they will want to know which side of the room is theirs. That might sound like a silly thing to us, but kids feel important when they know that something is just for them. Painting two adjacent walls in different colors is the best way to set a boundary. Just make sure that the two colors pair nicely. For instance, if you are expecting a boy and a girl, think about Pantone’s twin colors of the year (how symbolic) Rose Quartz and Serenity. For two boys, consider medium brown and medium blue, etc.

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Add Character with Fabrics

Splitting the room with colors is just a start. Observing your two babies as unique persons should start the moment they are born, so make sure you create individual looks for both of them. Of course, you cannot know right away which color each of your children will love, but use your motherly instinct. If you are planning on using bright colored fabrics, just make sure that the walls of the room are in neutral hues. You can create a slightly eclectic look, by mixing shabby chic and modern design. The recommended fabrics are cotton, polyester and suede.

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Have a Theme (or Two)

When someone says kids’ room decorating, we instantly think of some themed décor (superheroes, fairy tales, princesses, etc.). Still, how can we come up a theme for two kids? The first idea would be to have a single theme that will create a coherent look while emphasizing your kids’ individuality. For example, if you are decorating a room for a boy and a girl and choose a Peter Pan theme, in the boy’s part of room there can be Peter’s motifs, while the girl’s side can be decorated with Tinkerbell images; for two super hero boys: Superman and Batman, etc. Another option is to create completely different themes (world traveler and basketball fan; science buff and comic book reader, etc.).

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Individualize with Accessories

One final way to create two rooms in one is with different accessories. Something as simple as cushions and rugs can create an entirely different feel in the two room areas and if you arrange different toys on the shelves and throughout the room, you can finally create a clear boundary. One child can have Superhero Sideshow Collectibles arranged on the shelf with comic books, while the other can have soccer items (jersey, ball, trophies, etc.). To go even further, you can use monograms near each twin’s bed. If their initials are the same, decorate the letter according to the area’s theme and color.

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Nothing beats the joy of having a baby, unless you are having two babies. Give your two bundles of joy an amazing welcome, by creating a space meant just for them. Congratulations!

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About the author

Marie Nieves is a student and a blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favourite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. Marie loves to share her experiences and talk about practical solutions. She is an avid lover of photography interested in interior and exterior design and regular author on Smooth Decorator. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and G+.

I especially like the tip about individualizing with accessories, because that’s exactly what I plan to do if we end up with a boy AND a girl! What about YOU? How would YOU decorate a twin nursery?

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13 thoughts on “Room for Two: How to Decorate a Bedroom for Twins!

  1. These are all great ideas. It is always exciting when it is time to decorate the nursery. I would do an animal theme, most likely it would be dolphins.

  2. Oh this is so cute. Twins! I would never know where to even begin with twins. But this is great start, great way to decorate a bedroom!

  3. I have not had twins and would have never thought of these. I bet this could also work for kids that share the same room. I have a friend that is trying to figure out how to define spaces for her boys, I will have to share this with her. She actually taped their room off for painting today, hopefully I can catch her so she can define spaces with different colors.

  4. These are great ideas for decorating a room for twins. It would be hard to make it a room for a boy and girl.

  5. I’ve always wanted twins. After having my daughter and not really sleeping for more than 5 hours, I’m glad I only had one lol But the idea of decorating a twin bedroom sounds fun anyway lol

  6. The pictures are so adorable & good enough to explain the fun you have when twins are at home. One of my cousin has twin boys & these ideas could be so helpful for her to decorate their bedroom to the best.

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