New Product Review: Brightech’s SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

I’ve been a night owl for as long as I can remember. But lately, I’m a night owl more out of necessity than preference. When you have two 2-year-olds running around the house all day, you have to stay up far past their bedtime in order to actually get things done!

Thankfully we have a room in our house that functions as a home office, so, no matter the time of night, I always have the perfect spot in which to get some work accomplished. But, when it’s 2 in the morning and I’m still up working…this may sound strange, but I was finding it a little too BRIGHT in my office.

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The main light in the room is attached to the overhead fan, so it’s pretty luminous. And somehow, in the dead of night, I don’t like that bright of a light on to work by. I had JUST told my hubby we needed a lamp for the office, when Becky from Brightech contacted me and asked if I wanted to check out one of their lamps! Perfect timing!

I hadn’t heard of Brightech before, but when I stopped by their website to pick out a lamp, I found it super easy to navigate. I also found a TON  of options for lamps of all colors, shapes and sizes! I knew I wanted something simple, not bulky, and black for our office. That was pretty much all I had to go on, but, since Brightech’s belief is that elevated design should be available to everyone, and not just the folks with big bank accounts and an interior designer on staff…I figured I’d be safe!

In the end, I chose SKY – An LED Torchiere Floor Lamp, in a lovely shade of black. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 1.23.44 PM

When the lamp arrived, it did need a bit of assembly, but it was super simple: I was done in about five minutes.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 12.51.42 AM

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 12.51.48 AM

I loved the slim, clean look, but when I plugged it in and turned it on, well, right off the bat I was a little sad. Because it was SUPER BRIGHT. I mean, when you buy a LAMP, you DO want it to be bright. HA! But that was a problem I had that I was already trying to fix!

No worries, though – just as soon as I became disappointed, I realized that there was no need for frustration – because this lamp has multiple settings! Cool light or warm light, various levels for each of them! And once you “set” the light where you want it, your setting holds for the next time you turn it on! 


I don’t even bother with the overhead light in the office anymore. I just walk in, touch the lamp and I’m in business with my dim, warm light. And, since there’s already a lot going on in our office, I’m in love with the fact that such a versatile piece sits easily in the corner of the room, provides the light I need, and does so without looking all big and bulky. And the fact that the direction of the glow can be adjusted is super helpful, as well. I’m actually thinking of purchasing one in a different color for our living room! (I mean, it comes in seven different colors – why not?!)

Overall, a great experience with Brightech. Fresh and simple website, great customer service and superior product. Floor lamps, string lights, magnifier lamps, table lamps – they have them all! OH! And if your order is over $50, you don’t pay shipping! That’s a deal I can definitely get on board with!

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