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All righty, now, on to resumes.

You may wonder why a blog focused on organizing, cooking, cleaning and decor is doing a post on resumes, huh?

Because I think they are absolutely ESSENTIAL.

With the economy we’re all existing in, the phrase “instant in season and out” takes on a whole new meaning. I know (and I know most of you do, too) tons of people who lost their jobs when the economy tanked. Some have been hired by other companies, and some have yet to find employment!

My husband and I have been blessed with fantastic jobs, but we are both very aware of the fact that either or both of us could walk into the office on any given day and not have employment by the end of that day. And that’s why we stay on the ready – with updated resumes.

What does that have to do with housewives or stay-at-home moms or those who run their own business? Everything.

Because resume-writing is a skill that, sadly, many adults lack. And if you’re a housewife, and your husband comes home after having lost his job and doesn’t know what to do, wouldn’t it feel good to be able to sit down with him and update his resume because you know how to do that? And if you’re a stay-at-home mom and your child reaches the age where he or she would like to have a job, wouldn’t it feel good to be able to teach them how to create a resume because you know how to do that? And if you run your own business, that’s fantastic, and I hope you never have to go to work for anyone else again…but if the unexpected happens and you actually have to GO to work somewhere else, wouldn’t you feel better about it knowing that you have a good strong resume in your hand?

Not to mention the fact that resumes aren’t what they used to be!



Now, that’s what you think of when you think of a resume, right? And yes, the image above is for a “classic” resume…but there are other options now!

How about something a little more contemporary?





You can even get REALLY fancy with something designer like this!





Now, we can all agree that the way your resume is formatted kind of depends on the type of job you’re going for. For example, if you are going for a very creative position, then you want to make sure that your resume is pretty creative! If you’re going for something very practical, the same is true.

But either way, there are only a few parts to a resume. Once you gather these, you’ll have no issues at all. Are you ready?

1. Your aim

Give folks an idea of what you want to do in your career!

2. Your experience

This is basically where you have worked previously, and, if applicable, where you are currently working

3. Your skills

These are special skills that span your work experience…such as being a team player or paying great attention to detail

4. Your schooling

A simple listing of your degree(s) and any continuing education you’re involved in

5. Your references

Some list these out and some simply leave it as “References available upon request”

Remember, don’t over-complicate your resume. It’s all about the facts. And once you get one created, take the time to update it as you accomplish more in your career. That way, if a wonderful job opportunity drops in your lap on Tuesday afternoon, and they want to interview you on Wednesday morning, all you have to do is pick out a great outfit and print out your resume! You can’t beat that!

Do YOU have a resume on file?

83 thoughts on “Resume, Resume, Find me a Job!

  1. What a good résumé on resumes! 🙂
    I am a work from home entrepreneur but my resume is always up to date. It is good to have it updated because it makes you realize what you do and who you are professionally speaking.
    Good options presented here!

  2. You read my mind! I’ve been working on mine recently. I haven’t done one in over 12 years and flying by the seat of my pants comes to mind! I have been so incredibly lucky to not have been impacted in my home by the economy with job loss. HOWEVER, almost everyone in my family has and it’s scary! It’s hard work but people can find great tools online for free as well as useful ‘key phrases’ to use as inspiration in their quest for employment. Great to always update every year or earlier if goals or skills change.

  3. Yes, I have a resume on file and believe me updating it was kind of crazy and I had to go online to learn all the newest techniques. Then I decided I did not want to go back to full time bookkeeping (or even part-time) –I still have some clients of my own–but am semi-retired. Yes–You definitely need a resume which you keep updated because you never know!

  4. I have a resume that look very contemporary and highlights accomplishments. It also gives the potential employer links to my social media because it gives a rounded view of who I am. Thanks for a really good article!

  5. I definitely need to make one ready for me.Its been 3 years since I updated it.I think now I have to change it totally as my field has changed from IT to Art & Crafts. Thank you for the great tips and reminding about it !!

  6. I love the contemporary resume. I haven’t updated mine in a while, so thanks for the reminder and all the good info!

  7. I always dread writing a resume, but agree that it is a good thing to keep up to date. Thanks for the reminder and the really great options, will have to get off my but and update/re write mine 😉 and keep it up to date.
    Thanks for the really great suggestions.

  8. Thank you for this reminder! I’ve gotten so relaxed in my current situation, that I’ve forgotten to add on to my resume all of the wonderful new skills I’ve been picking up. I think it’s important to add them as you go because sometimes you forget about certain things that could be crucial to getting noticed. I love having my resume styled – it really makes you stand out in a sea of dull paper and really show your personality 🙂

  9. My resume could use some updating too. It has been a while. Trends change very quickly in HR these days. Some HR managers prefer fancy, others want plain! It is good to have several on file. Good list of the many styles here, Kristen!

  10. This article was so helpful. Even as a career coach, I need to stay better updated on the different resume formats. The really fun one that you posted last was awesome for a creative position. I will definitely refer clients to this post. I will pin it :). Thanks so much!

  11. I know this all to well. We were just relocated 3000 miles for a company that just declared bankruptcy. Needless to say the resumes were already up to date because we were looking when we found the job that moved us to where we are. Now back to scrambling to find a new job.

  12. Oh boy I haven’t written a resume in at least 5 years since I left the corporate world. It sure brings up strange memories (I hated doing them and then going to interviews, lol)

  13. My husband has spent the last year in various stages of employment and his resume has changed so many times in that time. My background is in HR, but I was overwhelmed with how much things have changed since I was working. I love the new contemporary resumes!

  14. My resume is WAY out of date… I am not a SAHM, so I haven’t thougt about keeping it up, but I know I’ll need it again one day. I should update it and add a few of your pointers. Great post! and YAY!! I’m so excited I won!!

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