Renovation ROI – What Makes Sense for YOUR Home?

If y’all don’t know by now that I like dreaming about renovations…then you haven’t been paying much attention around the blog! Especially this time of the year.

January is when the hubby and I start to talk about the things we’d like to do in the house in the upcoming year. So far, we’ve thrown out the following ideas: replacing a few windows, enclosing our back patio, adding a fireplace, and a few other small-ticket items.

happy smiling woman painting interior white wall in blue and green color of new house

So when Matt from Northshore Fireplace contacted me to see if I was interested in publishing an infographic on renovation ROI, well, YES, I wanted to see it! AND, since it’s full of brand new information for the new year, that was even better!

First of all, in case you’re wondering what ROI stands for…ROI = Return On Investment. Better? Okay, let’s see where our renovations could MOST pay off!


Hey, maybe we SHOULD have a fireplace added! Might help us out in the future if we ever want to sell!

Which of these would make the most sense for YOUR home?!

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19 thoughts on “Renovation ROI – What Makes Sense for YOUR Home?

  1. I’m in the middle of 2 bathroom redos and it’s been a crazy ride. It’s all coming to the blog soon including lots of behind the scenes looks. Next on my list is a sunroom addition and I noticed that it’s on the worst ROI list! Oh, well, I’m planning on living here a while. 🙂
    I knew a kitchen reno would be at the top of the list. That was the first room I tackled when we bought this house years ago.

  2. We are currently renting so I won’t be doing any remodeling. If I were, I would love to redo the kitchen and put in hardwood floors.

  3. My head is spinning around this one. My husband is the home guy and I kind of just follow along. But we have discussed a few renovations we’d like to see this year, too. Such would include bathrooms and maybe patio. I don’t know if our attic is big enough to turn it into a bedroom. But that idea sounds fantastic. And yes, you should totally add a fireplace!

  4. We are always planning on improvements for our home. So far, I think we’ve made some really smart decisions. Granite in the bathrooms and kitchen, we renovated our nasty basement into a beautiful laundry/craft room, and pretty soon, we will be replacing the icky flooring with hardwood.

  5. We make the same plans at the first of the year as well. My hubby has been trying to convince me about window replacement for years. I see it way up on the list. Maybe I should listen, but they are so expensive! I want to remodel the kitchen. We have plans in place for the front porch…the list never ends but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  6. There is so much I’d love to do to our current home but we are renting so I will have to wait until we own for me to be able to reno and make it my own! Great info!

  7. Such a great information which is more detailed with all those info-graphic to make things easy to understand. I would love some renovation in my bedroom that could give a theme of nature’s touch & feel as both me & my husband are nature lovers.

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