Renovate Your Home Right: Top Tips for Improving Your House

I was standing in my kitchen the other day formulating an idea when my husband walked in.

Jerrod: Oh no. I know that face. What are you thinking about?
Me: This wall…
Jerrod: Oh dear Lord!
Me: What if we pushed this wall out to the edge of the porch? It would expand the kitchen and I could have a bay window and we could have a little breakfast nook!
Jerrod: I knew it was bad this time…
Me: Ooo! We might as well push out the dining room wall on the other side to match! Then THAT would be bigger, and I could have ANOTHER bay window, and then the front porch proportions would FINALLY match!!!

The Road to Domestication

Jerrod: NO. No no no no no. Did I mention…NO!
Me: Well, I just figured, since we’re painting – 
Jerrod: Since we’re PAINTING, you decided to do a MAJOR RENOVATION?! How do you move from painting to blowing out walls?!

Good question. I really have no idea how I do that…my brain just goes there! 

Owning a home really is the American dream, and if you’re lucky to have a place to call your own, you’re probably pretty happy with it, like me. However, there are surely days when you wish your house had a little something extra. Right?! (Come on, help a girl out! My husband is READING this!)

It’s possible if you decide to renovate your home, and you really can add whatever you want to your house in many cases. What you pay is obviously a significant factor, but the sky really is the limit when it comes to what can be done.

So I did a little research. When thinking about upgrading, consider these top renovation projects. They’ll improve the value and functionality of your home greatly.

Renovate Your Home

Extra Bedroom

Many older homes just don’t have enough bedroom space for families. That’s why room additions like extra bedrooms always top the list of ideal renovations. Even if you don’t need your bedroom forever, you’ll have a well-finished room for any purpose, like an office or media room. 

Expanded Kitchen

Even if you don’t love to cook an expanded kitchen can improve the value of your home. If you spend lots of time in the kitchen you’ll also enjoy the added space for preparing meals and hosting friends and family members.

Finished Attic or Basement

Attics and basements are lots of space that often goes unused in many houses. That doesn’t have to be the case. Finishing an attic or basement can give you an ideal all-purpose room, home office or even a theater!

Well…I don’t think we need an extra bedroom. We already have four and there are only two of us living in the house, HA! We don’t have a basement, and while the idea of the attic IS intriguing, I don’t think it will work too well due to our cathedral ceilings.

But that expanded kitchen…I’m still liking THAT idea!

What about you? If you could do ANYTHING to your home right now, what would be YOUR top pick?

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8 thoughts on “Renovate Your Home Right: Top Tips for Improving Your House

  1. Starting with just “painting” is a great way to completely renovate your house. It’s actually used a lot. Expanded Kitchen is something I would like to change first. More space there is needed for everything.

  2. I have a long list and my husband and I have had that same talk! A few days ago he told me that I wanted to do so much we might as well tear this one down and build another OR move. 🙂 I don’t want to move. I just want to redo!

  3. Painting is always a good place to start but renovating my bathroom would be my first pick. The sink and tub are 1970s yellow/gold. The rest of the room just needs sprucing up. I’ve already painted the cabinets in there and in the kitchen. Paint certainly does go a long way to making a house feel a whole lot better.

    (visiting from Good Tips Tuesday)

  4. Now that is some serious renovation you are considering. My hubby wants to make our front porch larger, I’m not too crazy about that idea. We did some remodeling last year which took several months. It’s time consuming but the results are wonderful!

  5. I LOVE the idea! In fact, Luke is busy figuring out the new kitchen cabinet he is going to build me — even as I type this comment. LOL Talk about timing! 🙂 It’s not an expansion, but it will certainly help my storage situation. Thanks for hosting the #HomeMattersParty with me – you are AWESOME!

    Life With Lorelai

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