Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Home – By Introducing Solar Products!

One of our many reasons for our recent move from a subdivision out into the country was so we had a bit more control over our own property. While we loved our subdivision, there were many rules to follow, and if what we wanted to add to our property didn’t fit the bill, our ideas were shot down. For instance: one of our ideas was to add a pool, complete with solar panels to power the necessary pool equipment. Turned out that the “committee” didn’t like that idea. 

But NOW, we’re on the right track! We have just over an acre with very few rules attached, so we’re looking forward to knocking some ideas off our list! In prepping for that, I’ve been doing some research on solar products for homes. Folks, the possibilities are amazing! So when blogger Christopher Austin sent me over HIS research on the subject, I knew it was the perfect time to share with all of you.

As the rest of the world tries to catch up in regards to the use of renewable energy, some developed countries such as China, USA, and the UK are already enjoying the benefits that come with the use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Over the last couple of years, a significant increase in the world’s power grid came from renewable energy sources.


Many benefits come with the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. However, due to the numerous impacts on our environment such as global warming, many governments, and nongovernmental organizations are pushing for the use of renewable energy sources by large manufacturing companies that have a significant impact on the environment. Apart from enjoying cheaper energy sources, you are guaranteed clean energy which means a cleaner environment.

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Although the amount of carbon emitted from your home could take years to count in regards to global warming, it’s the number of homes we have across the world that really makes it count. In this regard, if 50% of homeowners went green, it would mean a significant reduction on environmental degradation associated with the use of fossil fuels. Here are some of the ways that you can reduce the negative environmental impact of your home by introducing solar products.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Unlike some other noisy sources of power such as generators and turbines, solar panels have very few moving parts which means less noise pollution. If you live near a manufacturing plant, you can understand how annoying some generators can be.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

One of the most prominent environmental advantages of using solar energy is the reduction of carbon emissions. Unlike fossil fuels, solar panels do not emit any carbon for 30+ years from the installation. If you introduce solar products in your home, you consequently reduce the amount of carbon emitted to the atmosphere. If a significant number of homes follow suit, the global impact would be phenomenal.

Reduce the Strain on Finite Resources

In 1800, there were only 1 billion people on the planet. Fast forward to 2018 and the population has grown to nearly 8 billion people. On average, the annual growth rate is 1.1% per year globally. How about the natural resources available? Well, once in a while they will say we’ve discovered a couple of barrels of oil in a particular location.

Nevertheless, the amount of natural gas, oil and coal is definitely limited and can’t keep up with the population growth. However, the sun offers more than 10,000 times our global energy needs. The sun is the most significant source of energy capable of producing over 170,000 TW per second. Moreover, it creates this kind of power over and over, unlike conventional fuel sources that are mostly dirty and nonrenewable. In the future, these natural resources will be depleted, and we won’t have anywhere else to look for energy.

Reduce Greenhouse Emissions

We all know that fossil fuels negatively affect our environment through greenhouse and carbon dioxide emissions. Luckily, solar products have a smaller lifetime impact on the environment. Although some people argue that there are some emissions from the production of solar products, the heavy burden ends there. Once installed, the carbon dioxide footprint reduces significantly unlike fossil fuels. Introducing solar products to your home reduces greenhouse emissions that come from landfill waste and carbon dioxide emissions from coal burning.

Reduce Water Wastage

Unfortunately, conventional energy sources end up using large amounts of water for cooling purposes. While some systems might have recycling plants, a lot of the water used to cool the systems could be used for other purposes such as irrigation. Moreover, in areas where water is scarce, the use of these fossil fuels enhances the strain on local supplies as they compete with other important tasks such as drinking and cooking.

Reduce Electricity Dependency

With the proper solar system, you can be able to harvest and store energy for future use. This obviously puts you in a better place in regards to electricity consumption as compared to your peers. Better yet, it reduces the dependency on the national supply which consequently reduces the strain on the grid. With the less stress on the grid, comes less need for electricity production hence decreasing emissions.

What’s more, you can use solar products as sources of energy for your cars consequently reducing the emissions associated with crude oil. If you can be able to produce enough solar power at home, you can extend the energy use to other areas such as water heating and even manufacturing. Fortunately, it does not only save the environment but also ensures your accounts are in check since it’s completely free.

All in all, we have a mandate to take care of the environment for the future generations. Introducing solar products to your home as new energy sources is one of the easiest ways to ensure that we have a clean and safe environment. Introducing solar water heating systems at your home is also a great deal as you not only reduce carbon emissions but also increase the comfort of your family.

Most solar products are cheap to maintain which means the overall cost of saving the environment is bearable. In this regard, you should focus on getting some of the best solar systems installed at your home to reap the full benefits associated with solar energy use. Fortunately, you also get the chance to sell surplus energy to the national grid. Furthermore, you can introduce solar products to your home gradually installing one solar panel at a time. Since there is no pressure or limitations when it comes to solar usage, you can start small and increase your solar panels as you go.

Apart from reducing your power bill, you have the chance to completely offset various emissions associated with fossil fuels leading to clean air and a safe environment. If half the world adopted solar for home use, there is no doubt that we could eliminate up to 80% of carbon dioxide emissions experienced today.

Thanks for sharing these great perks, Christopher! Are YOU using any solar products around your home? What has your experience been like?

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