How to Reclaim The Magic In Your Living Spaces!

When it comes to household chores, does it feel like they’re never complete? Especially at the end of winter, when we’re just completely OVER the dreariness that’s been our lives the past few months, and SO ready for some sunshine?

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How about a few ways to bring life back to your interiors? Check these ideas out…

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Vacuum the carpets

It may sound like the most mundane of cleaning tasks, however, vacuum cleaners by Bissell can make even the mundane – such as removing the dust and dirt from the area’s carpets ­– an easy step to having clean and tidy floor spaces. After all, who doesn’t love those vacuum lines after a job well done?

This can bring about satisfaction, even if it is just completing one of the first steps in your spring cleaning tasks, with the eventual end goal that is to reclaim that harmonious magic in your home.

Give your furniture some TLC

Depending on what style of furniture you own, whether it is upholstery, vinyl or leather, your couches and/or armchairs can take quite a beating. This is why it is good to give your furniture some proper care every now and again.

Freedom Furniture has some great tips on how to keep your furniture, particularly your leather upholstery, in good condition with care and management. Things like moisturizing the leather, wiping up spills immediately, and rotating the cushions are all helpful when it comes to maintaining nice pieces of furniture. These few things can help bring to bring the shine, brightness and color back to your furniture, reminding you of that new furniture feel.

It should be noted however, that depending on the level of wear and possible tear, upholstered and vinyl items may require a professional’s touch.

Add a dose of color to your walls

One of the best ways to revamp and bring back the vibrancy in your living spaces is through a new paint job. Often, one of the many times a room can look drab and tired is through an outdated color scheme.

You can add color to your spaces in multiple ways. According to The Spruce, this can be through simple means such as creating a feature wall, or a few well-placed cushions. Great ideas that are easy to accomplish! 

Add life through texture

Another way to bring the life back to your living spaces is through different textures. According to Better Homes and Gardens, you can add texture and chic style through accessories and additions such as a rug or the right placement and care of indoor house plants.

These simple ideas can give the appearance of life and help to bring a sense of the outdoors into your home to make it feel more energetic.

In the end, there’s no need to do a total remodel this spring. Just keep a few simple tips in mine and your living spaces will feel magical once more!

What’s one thing YOU do in your home every spring to bring back the magic?

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