Questions to Ask of a Painter – with a FREE PRINTABLE Included!

You may have heard me mention in previous posts that we are gearing up to have our house painted. We didn’t LOVE the color when we bought the house two years ago, but there were a few more pressing things that we wanted to take care of before painting got to the top of the priority list. You know how that goes when you buy a home!

So now, we’re ready! We have the money set aside, we’re in a good season for painting in Florida, and we’re doing the MOST fun part: looking for a painting company.

Hands down, one of my LEAST favorite things when it comes to home ownership is looking for “a guy”.

You know how people do. “Oh, you’re gonna get your house painted? I know a guy!” And while some folks are just handy with EVERYTHING, we are NOT those folks. And it’s not for lack of trying…we just are not those people! What we ARE is people who work hard so we can pay other people to do things that we can’t do. And the world needs people like that, too!

So far, we’ve got “guys” (or gals, as the case may be!) for pest control, lawn care, screening, garage door, air conditioning and carpentry. I think that’s it. So I’m in the midst of the hunt for the painting “guy”.

While calling and emailing and searching, I decided I would be much more productive if I could do it in a more organized manner, so I created this:

Signature creations

Organized, and cheerfully colorful, too! (These are the things that help me get stuff done!)

If you would like to download it, please feel free to do so by CLICKING HERE!

And if you’d like more information on the process of having your home painted, check this out: I guest-posted on this very subject over at Sly Deluxe, an awesome home improvement site! If you’d like to read “Tips for Choosing  a Painting Company for Your Home”, CLICK HERE!

Have you had YOUR home painted? Do you have “a guy”? Any other questions you would add?

Due to the amount of comments from all of my wonderful readers, it is not always possible for me to respond to each one. However, I absolutely do read them all, and if you’d like to address something specific, or have a question for me, please don’t hesitate to email me at I will respond to your email as soon as possible! Thank you for visiting the blog!

7 thoughts on “Questions to Ask of a Painter – with a FREE PRINTABLE Included!

  1. I love to paint so I do all the indoor painting myself. When it comes to the outside, I hand it over to “the guy.” These are all good pointers when looking for a painter. Everything should be clearly understood and in writing before the project begins.

  2. I’ve done the painting (with some family members help) at our homes but our neighbor has a painting business. I wish he would have moved in before we did, he is great and reasonable! I’m sure we will be using him in the future and these tips would probably be good for me to give to him to make sure he covers all of his bases.

  3. Good questions! You are so right about the friends and them knowing a ‘guy’. That’s the main reason we don’t share our plans with most people. When you do find reliable contractors, it’s best to hang on to their contact info forever. We repainted our house ourselves, it was exhausting!!

  4. Great questions! I can’t wait until we’re ready to start painting! I downloaded the printable for my records. #HomeMattersParty

  5. Great questions! I personally love to paint myself but if there is ever a project I don’t feel I can tackle I will make sure to remember to do this. Hey you are paying for great service so in my opinion you can never ask too many questions! Thanks for allowing me to be a co-host at the #HomeMattersParty. It’s been great! Looking forward to another fun party this week!

  6. Nice read, but I would suggest that you could simplify the questions and lower the number. Of course you want to know more, but if a guy knows what he is doing then he doesn’t need more explanation, just tell him what to do.

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