Prepping & Cleaning Your Home For A New Puppy

***SIGH*** You guys. We got a new dog.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here on the blog yet, but about a month ago, we lost our Taffy girl.

She was SUCH a great dog. We adopted her from the SPCA, and when we got her home, we discovered she was already completely trained. She barely bothered the cat. She survived through us bringing twins home. She was the happiest dog ever. We miss her SO VERY MUCH.

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Yet, we are dog people. We adopt, we don’t shop. And my husband has been going on FOREVER about getting a chocolate lab, like the one he grew up with.

So…without further ado…meet Trixie!

She’s another rescue. She’s about a year old, from what we know. She has the sweetest disposition, but still she spent her first week with us destroying the house. Cue doggy school to learn some manners. She’s doing much better now!

Bringing a new puppy home can be an exciting and busy time. Adding another member to the household takes some planning and organizing to help the process go smoothly for everyone. Housekeeping chores will change and there are plenty of other things that bringing a new puppy home will change around your house.

If you are thinking about getting a puppy, you will want to be as prepared as possible. Although rescuing a dog that needs a home on a whim can be a thrilling experience, giving yourself time to plan before you adopt or purchase a new puppy can keep you ahead of the game.

When you are considering adding a furry family member to the house there is a lot to consider. From which breed is the best match for your family to Facebook reviews regarding the best local breeders, there are several ways that you will need to get your home ready for the new arrival.


There are many things that you will need to know before you make your decision about a dog. You should do some research about different dog breeds and temperaments. Finding out what dogs are the best for families with children can help you make a smart match. Details like shedding and hypoallergenic breed traits are also important details to know.

Get Supplies

Dogs are happiest when they are being included and loved by their families, but they still need some of their own things to help them get settled. A new set of dog dishes is a must and a good supply of nutritious puppy food and treats is also necessary. 

Depending on how you want to train your new puppy you may need to either buy a crate or a dog bed so they have a comfy place to sleep. Grooming tools, a collar, leash and toys should all be on your shopping list.

Create Home Restrictions

There may be places in your home where you would rather not have your new puppy venture into. If there are rooms or areas that are going to be off limits you will need to keep doors shut or create barriers with child gates. Your puppy should learn right away the areas where they are (and are not) allowed to go. 

Assign Duties

When you bring a puppy into your life you are adding a big dose of love and fun into your home, but also a lot of responsibility. It’s a good idea to divide up the dog care duties before your furry friend comes home. Chores like feeding, grooming, walking and poop pickup will need to be assigned to each family member.

Puppy Proofing

Puppies love to get up to mischief, and they are very much like a busy toddler to the extreme. When you are planning to bring a puppy home you will need to puppy-proof your home. Anything and everything that your puppy can reach should be put up or put away. Make sure that all electrical cords, shoes, delicate knick-knacks and books are placed up and out of the way for safekeeping.

There is nothing more joyful and enjoyable than bringing a new puppy home. The unconditional love that dogs are known for can be worth all the work. Before you get overwhelmed once your puppy comes home, take some time to get your home in order and ready to welcome your new little bundle of joy.

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