Preparing Your Garden for Spring

I love Spring! Well, other than the incredibly high pollen count that sends my allergies into a frenzy, that is.

This young woman sneezing into a tissue either has a cold or really bad allergies.

This year I’m still a bit preoccupied with two tiny humans, so I won’t be doing a Spring Garden, but when Morgan from Craig Manor sent over this infographic, it was almost enough to make me reconsider! I think by the time I have everything ready it would probably be Summer, which isn’t at all helpful!

All the same, I figured I’d share it with all of you! I’ll just have to follow it myself next year!

 Preparing for a spring garden

Aren’t you in a big ol’ gardening mood right now?! You’re welcome!

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10 thoughts on “Preparing Your Garden for Spring

  1. Love that infographic!! We want to plant some bulbs and this easy-to-understand visual on the depth we should plant them is amazing. Thanks!

  2. I should really start paying more attention to my garden now that it’s Spring. This is an awesome infographic! I really appreciate the tips!

  3. i appreciate the tips and advice! this is interesting article, my mom loves to spend her free time at the garden! im sure this will be a helpful!

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