Planning Your Easter Menu

Well, first of all, let me just say Happy International Waffle Day!


The pic comes from my favorite waffle company, Van’s Natural Foods!

And since probably no one is planning to serve waffles on Easter, let’s talk about your Easter Menu!

This year I’ve been assigned bread and dessert for our family Easter lunch, with a special request put in for my Key Lime Pie.

I’m toying with the idea of making these for the bread part:


Too cheesy? I’m not sure…but they are pretty cute, and look very easy to make! (Click the pic for the recipe…of course, I found it on Pinterest!)

Yep, I’ll make my Key Lime Pie (below seems to be the only pic I can find of it), and I also plan on making this Pink Lemonade Cake, also found on Pinterest, ha!

282126_10150254744673877_7151562_n          a95feeca968dbd24b55a4a8e5cd31070

Is your menu already planned? What are you serving?

If you’re in need of inspiration, let me recommend the blog of a dear friend of mine! Visit Kristy in the Kitchen! She’s currently doing a series called Operation Easter Dinner, and it’s fantastic!

Other great places to look are Pinterest (obviously I would recommend Pinterest, right?), and check out the following links at:

Cooking Light
Food Network
Southern Living
My Recipes
All Recipes

Do you have any favorite Easter recipes to share? We’re getting close! Six days until the big day!

2 thoughts on “Planning Your Easter Menu

  1. After looking at these recipes, I imagine you will be in the kitchen for a long time. Tell us how they turn out and if they are worth the time.

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