Planning for 2014!

Well, here we are again! I’m having a really hard time believing that today is New Year’s Eve. WOW. Where did the year go? And now we’re almost out of time!


Today we’re getting ready for a little New Year’s Eve party we’ll be hosting this evening, but I’m also thinking about planning out 2014.

What does that mean in my world?

1. Planner. I break out my planner and look at the year ahead, just in general. Two things I make SURE I do are chart one day each month as a “Day of Nothing”, and I chart and implement any notes I made over various busy times of the year to make sure those occasions run even smoother the next time! Of course I transfer all the birthdays, anniversaries, and  other special days, too. And if any of my goals for 2014 have a time limit set on them, then I make sure I chart those, too.

2. Monetary. My hubby and I take the time to make a plan for extra monies we receive throughout the year. This normally involves a priority list that we’d like to tackle. Would we like to put up a fence or purchase a new computer? Or do we go on vacation or paint the house instead? If we’ve made a plan for these items beforehand, any extra monies that arrive throughout the year are put to appropriate use, and not used spur-of-the-moment on things that we don’t really need.

3. Business. For me, this involves a few difference facets. Number one, my full-time job. This year I’m going for a new  license, so I’ll be studying and taking a big test, too! Yikes! Number two, my photography business. I have set a few goals and I want to re-arrange a few policies and procedures to make a couple rough spots smooth. Number three, the blog! I want to monetize it this year and really push the boundaries to see what I can do with it!

4. Personal. We all have a few personal things we need to work on, so I’ve charted these in my planner, as well. Little reminders here and there that will give me a swift kick in the behind when needed!

Yes, I do a few New Year’s Resolutions here and there…but I mostly plan. Have you planned out YOUR 2014? How do you plan out the upcoming year?


36 thoughts on “Planning for 2014!

  1. We don’t make resolutions per se’ but my husband has declared 2014 the year of Organization and Better Health. We already started with the organization process and are participating in the 16 week challenge with Renew Your Space. We always take a good hard look at our budget spreadsheet this time of year which is always fun because we can see the goals we have achieved and set new one’s.

  2. I feel that 2014 is the year of getting more organized. I try to be a better wife, mom, sister, daughter, homemaker, Christian, finance, teacher, buddy, blogger, reader, and musician. Let’s wish for the better and the best for 2014. It is one hour before January 2014. So, Happy New Year for later 12 hours in Florida?

  3. I have fitness goals like wanting to complete a half marathon (walk or run), finances we are meeting with our planner in two weeks and lots of bloggy goals!

  4. I’m horrible at being organized but I did make a general list of things I need to accomplish and the steps I should complete to get there. Then I shoved it into a folder in my computer and haven’t opened it since.

  5. I ordered a blogging planner yesterday. I was to the point where I couldn’t keep track of giveaways I was a part of, whose blog I was guesting on and when, and all the different home tours, etc. that I had joined up with. Looking forward to being much more organized in 2014.

  6. I resolved not to make resolutions some years back, but I guess it’s something I do year round. I have goals. We are like you, we try to plan ahead where monies will go, what we may need and set aside for emergencies. This year I want to be more time organized with my blog, which includes being more organized with my home surroundings (aka clean/organize/declutter). So many other goals, those are some I’m still working on from last year. I’m hoping (hint hint) you’ll do a post on affordable cameras and how to take pics.. like what the different settings mean (fewer setting the better for me!). I struggle with taking photos and would love your help!

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