Pinterest Project Purgatory

You all know I LOVE Pinterest, and more times than not, I also love the results from various “Pinterest Projects”. However, it’s only fair for me to also share when Pinterest ideas go a bit…awry. Right?

Over the time we were moving, I was using the microwave a LOT. And it was getting kind of messy. I mean, messy for ME. See?


Blech!!! Even the door of the dang thing was filthy…


The other day I just couldn’t stand it anymore, and I went searching for the pin I saw to clean your microwave by heating up a bowl of water and vinegar. Have you seen it? Here it is…


Seemed simple enough! I was determined to try it! I got a brand new bottle of vinegar, poured one cup of it into a glass measuring cup, and added a cup of water.


I figured, glass measuring cup, glass bowl, same difference when heating in the microwave, so I just left everything in the cup.


10 minutes seemed like a long time to heat it, but that’s what the pin said, so I set the microwave for 10 minutes and headed off to my office to organize some files.

After what seemed to be close to 10 minutes, I came back into the kitchen to check the progress. 11 seconds left. I turned to pick up the potholders, because I KNEW that measuring cup was going to be fire-hot when I opened that door, and as I turned…BOOM.

CoCo the black kitty screeched out of the kitchen. Two of my three decorative plates fell off the wall. And I literally felt the vibration of the explosion in the counter-top as I was reaching for my potholders.

I turned around ever so slowly to look at the microwave. Surprisingly, everything was still in tact. I wasn’t quite sure what had happened.

Very carefully, I opened the door to the microwave, and water and vinegar gushed out everywhere. CoCo the black kitty, who had come back into the kitchen to see what the noise had been, got wet and mad-dashed out again. Poor thing. Rough day for her. As close as I could figure, the water was boiling, and had “popped” really big, which is where the BOOM came from. Nothing was broken, or even cracked.

And let me just say that the microwave has NEVER looked cleaner! I was also very thankful that my husband wasn’t home at the time, or else I’m sure I would have gotten some kind of lecture…a “We JUST bought this house, could you let us live here for a little bit before you start blowing stuff up?!” kinda lecture…

Sooo…yeah, I’ll probably do it again, but not heat it as long as 10 minutes. And I’ll probably use a glass bowl instead of the measuring cup next time, too. That might have had something to do with it.

I’d say I put myself in Pinterest Purgatory on this one, that’s for sure. But you know what always makes me feel better? Epic Pinterest Fail. It’s an entire website dedicated to fails at Pinterest pins…VERY heartening, I tell you! (Just watch out…some of the language isn’t the best!)

What’s YOUR biggest Pinterest fail? I won’t laugh, I promise!

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