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I’m a HUGE Pinterest fan, but, as my husband so eloquently commented, “You pin a lot more than you actually do anything with!”

Yes, he got “the look” for that, but he’s absolutely right. I have thousands of pins…because who can help it? Once you get on there, you just keep going! You know what I mean, right?

However, there was one idea I pinned a few weeks ago that I KNEW I would come back to and use. So, here it was:


Aren’t these painted bottles pretty? This is one of those LONG pins that you can’t see the entire thing unless you scroll, but click on it, and it will send you to the link! A lovely idea from the blog La Chica de la Casa de Caramelo. (I can’t read or speak much Spanish, but you can follow this particular blog entry via the pictures she gives and understand it completely!) CLICK HERE for the full tutorial on how she paints bottles!

So, my kitchen colors are white, navy and silver/gray to match my grandmother’s dishes that I use. When we bought this house, I was happy that the kitchen was furnished with white cabinets and a gray counter-top – perfect! (We will eventually remodel the kitchen, as the counter-tops and cabinets are not of the best quality. Side note: last night I was loading the dishwasher, and the entire dishwasher literally fell out of the cabinet! HA! It’s a lot funnier now than it was then, as I was scrambling to catch the breakable pieces and hold up the racks, while hollering for my husband. Nice mental image for ya, huh? You’re welcome.) He shoved the machine back in, broke out his power drill and some massive screws and put everything back in its rightful place. I think the kitchen renovation might have moved up the to-do list a few items, though! Yeah. Anyway…

These cabinets are much like the ones from our former home in the fact that the ceilings are high, and there’s space for decor or storage in between the tops of the cabinets and the ceiling. Of course, here at the new house, there are more cabinets and more space in between them and the ceiling, and I love that! So, I had a few things from the other house to place up there for decor.


Both of those baskets came from Target a few years ago, and the vase we picked up on our Aruba honeymoon!


These boxes are from Ikea, and the cookie jar and soup terrine were my grandmothers. I don’t use them for their intended uses, but I do use them decoratively.


These bins are from Target, as well, and the candle ensemble and vase all came from HomeGoods.

But then there was this LONG empty space. I needed one more display, so here’s what I started with.


Now, that just looks sad, doesn’t it?


Pretty, but very lonesome.

It’s a good thing I have been saving all kinds of bottles and jars for a while now! I was prepare to paint them on the OUTSIDE (probably with spray paint – we all know I LOVE my spray paint!) until I saw the aforementioned blog. Ahhh!

Check this out!


Whatcha think?

In person, the blue is darker than it is in the photo. But that’s an old champagne bottle, next to it a spaghetti sauce jar, and on the far side a Starbucks Frappuccino bottle!

I used Apple Barrel’s Acrylic Paint in Too Blue – 97 cents a pop at Walmart. You can’t beat it! Made sure the bottles were all squeaky clean, then I squirted the paint in and rolled it around until all the glass was covered. Dried it upside down into a cup, and placed all the drippings into the next piece!

I’m really pleased with the way they turned out! I might add some more to this display, but this is it for right now. (The artificial flowers came from Walmart, and the dish towel came from Target).

Whatcha think? The great thing about this is, you can decorate bottles and jars of all sizes in beautiful, shiny, color-coordinating shades for cheap! Table centerpieces, home decor, vases, special projects, storage…the fun goes on and on!

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  2. I may be bias as blue is my favourite colour too, especially when it comes to home decorating. I am in love with the sea, maybe that’s why I enjoy to decorate my rooms in blue. Anyway, I think you have done a fantastic decorating job- there are no more lonely and empty spaces 🙂

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