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You all know I’m a huge fan of Pinterest! I like to share what works and what doesn’t from the various things I find there! Check out these previous posts HERE, HERE and HERE, if you want to see all the fun!

But I tried something new over the weekend, so, of course, I wanted to share! Have you seen this pin?


(You can find it over on my “Clean as a Whistle” Board on Pinterest!)

I mean, WOW! That’s pretty impressive, right?! (By the way, the above pin actually came from the lovely Lilly over at Listotic. If you’d like to see her original post, CLICK HERE!)

We have a tan microfiber couch and love seat just like this one…and the funny thing is that when my hubby spills something, he tries to clean it up with carpet stain remover. Which might actually work…except THEN you have a stain from the stain remover!

So we had a few actual stains…and then the “tried to clean this up before you saw it” stain…and then there was the stain from our Year’s Eve Party when one of our guests dumped an entire serving of grape soda on the couch…and then there was the stain from when Taffy the dog caught a beetle and played it to death on the love seat…you get the idea.

Although I would LOVE some new furniture (hint hint to my hubby if he’s reading this) to be honest, this set is only about 4 years old, so it’s still got some use left in it. I decided to try the above pin and see if it really worked or not.





Voila! This was a bit of work, but you can barely see the stains anymore, and the entire area is definitely brighter and a bit fluffier! I declare it a success! What do you think?

If you’re looking for more cleaning tips, check out what I found: —> 74 Amazing Cleaning Tips <—

78 thoughts on “Pinterest Project Presented!

  1. Here’s to a big Pinterest win! I’ve seen a lot of Pinterest failures in the past and while I love looking at all the stuff that’s done on Pinterest I’ve never had the guts to try them all. Another thing is that I don’t have light furniture due to me having kids and one a toddler. As soon as they’re gone though I’m celebrating with white! 🙂

  2. I, too am addicted to Pinterest. It’s like saving magazines without all of the clutter! Looks like this one was a good Pin.

  3. This is awesome! We have so many stains on the carpet, furniture and I don’t know what to do about them because I totally agree about stain removing products leaving more stains. I’m definitely going to use the tips in the pin/post and hopefully it will work just as good for me. Thanks!

  4. Wow. That is a furniture upholstery miracle. I love that there was a “beetle incident” on your couch. For some reason one of my cats insists on bringing her kill onto the furniture–namely lizards. I will keep this in mind for her future hunting wins!

  5. Rubbing Alcohol and a sponge–who knew!! Thank you so much for sharing this. and yes I went way back to the original post to find out what caused this miracle!

  6. Smashing success! Have you tried rubbing mayonnaise on a water stain on wood furniture? Need to try that on my china cabinet.

  7. Wish I would have seen this before chucking our microfiber furniture. I got so sick of fighting the stains all the time and ended up going with leather. I could have saved a ton of money here!

  8. I declare it a success too. This is just the kind of post I love to happen across because you KNOW it’s going to end up being useful!

  9. Wow, the results are amazing! We could definitely use this on our couch too because it’s looking like your before photo right now.

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