Personality Planting – How to Create a Uniquely Stylish Garden

Our current house has a lovely little plot nicely picket-fenced-in and ready for gardening! While I haven’t gotten the chance to plant in it yet, I have lots of ideas for it! 

Of course, our entire fenced-in property is almost an acre, with more land outside of the fence, so if I wanted to turn more than just the small patch into a garden, I really could! The possibilities are endless, but I know I want to design the space to best if our family.

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After all, as with everything the design of your garden should evoke both personality and practicality. Whether you have a small inner city outdoor area or a large suburban backyard, a unique garden design will add warmth, value, and enjoyment to your home. So, where do you start with revitalising your outdoor spaces?


When deciding what to do with the space you have, keep your design practical. If you have small children like me then you probably don’t want to clutter the only space there is for a lawn – they have to be able to play somewhere! Many contemporary designs aim for a minimalist feel that accentuates a sense of space. This can be particularly effective for people living in the inner city with very limited garden space, however sweeping lawns and minimalist design elements can look good in larger spaces as well.

Light it Up

Lighting is essential for creating a contemporary stylish look in your garden. Good garden lighting is all about what you decide to light. By focusing spotlights on features of your garden, you highlight specific features within the design you have implemented. Garden lights come in different varieties, but your main concern should be what you are trying to light, then finding the right light to suit that.  

Potted Plants Vs. Garden Beds

This comes back to your design choices, but the main thing to keep in mind is consistency. Don’t mix and meld every style of design that you like into a garden design stew that ends up looking like a mish-mash mess. Pot plants in a contemporary garden give the space a clean and simple look, while making it easy to move your plants around and change things up whenever you want.

Garden beds are obviously a lot more fixed in their position but then open up the opportunity for plants to grow much larger than in a pot and to give you the choice of planting larger vegetables and trees. If you decide to go with pots, be careful not to choose ones that are going to completely steal the show or get too many and create a feeling of clutter and confinement.


Paving pathways or steps throughout your garden is a great way to make the space feel more inviting. Making pathways leads the eye towards feature plants, walls, sculptures, or garden benches. Paved steps can also be a great way to introduce secret alcoves and fairy gardens into your design. Large light-coloured natural stones are generally the preferred pavers in contemporary garden design, but shop around and find the pavers that suit your garden. Wooden steps are also a design element that won’t ever go out of fashion as long as they are used appropriately.


Incorporating outdoor furniture into your garden design makes the space that much more liveable and enjoyable. Have a garden nook where you can take a good book or your morning coffee, or a bench where you can sit and soak up some sun on days off. If you have the room a table and chairs can turn your garden into an entertaining area as well, lifting the appeal and diversity of your garden space.

Fire Pits

On the subject of entertaining, one garden design element that will create a perfect centre feature for entertaining your guests at home is a fire pit. During winter, there is nothing better than sitting around a fire with friends or family and talking while watching the flames flicker. Fire pit designs range from simple copper bowls to large paved pits to extravagant fire pit fountains that combine the elements into a heroic garden feature.

Whatever path you decide to go down, make it personal and purposeful and create the garden living space that you will get the most out of. I’m still working on my space! What about you?

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