Patio Dreamin’…with Arhaus!

One of the draws for us when we bought our home was the screened-in back porch. We knew CoCo the Black Kitty would especially love it, and, as someone who loves to have the windows open and fresh air flowing through as much as possible, I was pretty excited about it, too. But we got a bonus! In addition to the screened-in back porch, we also got a beautiful brick patio! Here’s what we did with it soon after we moved in:


Nothing fancy! Just some potted plants, a couple chairs and an umbrella.

Here’s what it looks like today:


A few little things have changed. The house has been painted. You can see that the plumerias (which bloom a beautiful shade of pink!) got too big for their pots, so I created a large bed to plant them in. Look how much they’ve grown! My other pots are filled with “experiments”, aloe (you can never have too much aloe, especially when you cook like I do!) and herbs. Also good to have lots of fresh herbs around my house!

I freshen the chairs with new cushions each season, and yes, we still have an umbrella. It’s the same deep red color, except it’s solid on both sides. We learned, after leaving the first umbrella out all the time, that umbrellas are no match for the strong storms we get over the summer here in Florida. After two bent-in-half umbrella catastrophes, we now keep it in the garage until we’re ready to use it!

The other thing you’ll notice is the small white table on the right. That is actually a fish-cleaning table right from The Bass Pro Shop, but my sweet in-laws bought it for me to use as a potting station – and it works beautifully! It’s normally located around the corner, but my hubby moved it closer to the back door so my preggo self wouldn’t have to walk so far. Hook it up to the hose and it’s got a functioning sink and everything! Love it!

It’s a tad bit more disjointed than I’d like it to be, but it’s pretty comfy, and it works for us!

However, I noticed something the other day.

I heard a strange noise outside, and, since I knew Taffy the White Doggy was in the yard, I stepped out to see what she was doing. I immediately observed her dragging one of the chairs across the patio.

I knew she was making a valiant attempt to catch a lizard, but I scolded her and sent her inside all the same. When I walked over to the chair, I noticed that BOTH of them actually showed signs of being dragged across the bricks, and even looked a bit wobbly, as if they had been pounced on one too many times. Hmmm. Maybe it’s time for some new furniture out there.

Earlier this year we purchased a sectional for our living room, and we really love it! Made me wonder if there was anything similar for outside! So I headed over to the Arhaus website to see for myself.

Arhaus  is a furniture company who design their own products to be usable and wonderful, with great added feature designs such as tables with hidden leaves, washable slipcovers, and construction made to last for generations. Looking at their sectional sofas along with their outdoor sectional sofas, it’s easy to see that they’re beautiful and built to last!

They have made a commitment to the earth’s resources by developing unique, yet functional pieces from recycled natural resources. They recycle copper into tabletops, harvest tree roots and transform them into chairs. They’re also committed to never using wood from any of the world’s endangered forests!

Check out these awesome pieces that caught my eye:

Option 3

Option 2

Option 4

I love that pretty yellow! And the other two don’t even look like they belong outside, am I right? So comfy!

I poked around a little bit more and put together a style board for my patio – just a little patio dreamin’! (I wanted to include an outdoor sectional to make it feel even more like a second living room!) Whatcha think?


How would YOU take the warmth and comfort of the INSIDE of your home to an OUTSIDE space?

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9 thoughts on “Patio Dreamin’…with Arhaus!

  1. Since I don’t have a patio–I can only pretend-and no balcony in this 7th floor apartment I live in–bit I definitely would love that yellow couch for an outside space.

  2. I am always so in love with patio furniture, probably because my favorite way to end the day is to sit out on the back deck with my man and just relax over great conversations as we star gaze.

  3. I really like what you did with the back patio. I also like any products that are environmentally sensitive. We really have to make choices like this going forward, for the health of the planet.

  4. It’s always nice to have a comfy seating area in your patio! These pieces are amazing, I really like the yellow and the white one, you can add more accessories to match it with the season too.

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