Over the Weekend…and A Christmas Prayer for Busy Women


Just when I thought things were calming down a bit…it’s one of those times that I’m actually thankful today is Monday! Ever have those days after a crazy weekend?

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Not much of anything, unfortunately. I wasn’t feeling too well, and I knew what was coming the next day, so I tried to rest up.
  • I did prep my hubby to shoot a funeral the next day. Since I couldn’t be in two places at once, he offered to photograph the funeral while I did the wedding. (Almost ironic, eh?)

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Photographed a wedding (started at about 9:00 a.m. and finished at about 3:00 p.m.) It was an interesting one that involved wardrobe malfunctions, nothing starting on time and three different locations to travel to…but the couple was amazing! (One of the few weddings that I have actually cried at while photographing – so sweet!)
  • Delivered Christmas gifts to my family members who are headed north to other family members for Christmas…and picked up all their treats to bring to the rest of the family members who will be here for Christmas.
  • Came home just to turn around and leave again, headed to our Sunday School Christmas Party. Fantastic time with our class! Just what we needed after an emotional day for us both.

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • I was starting to realize how much there was left to do…so I was actually at Walmart at 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning. (I know. I’ve finally lost it.)
  • I did all the rest of the last-minute shopping after that
  • I cleaned the entire house
  • I wrapped the last of the Christmas presents
  • I TOOK A NAP (I needed it by then!)
  • I actually cooked dinner for my husband and spent some quality time with him for the rest of the evening. (He’s not gotten nearly as much attention as usual – we’ve been so busy!)

So now you see why I’m glad it’s Monday! All I have left to do for Christmas is prep a few dishes to take to gatherings – and then I’m golden! It’s all coming together!

I actually posted the following back in October, but I know we’re all down to the wire on Christmas, and I wanted to remind you of it!


If you’d still like to download this and print it out, CLICK HERE! Let’s remember why we’re doing all that we’re doing and what the real purpose of Christmas is!

31 thoughts on “Over the Weekend…and A Christmas Prayer for Busy Women

  1. What a beautiful Christmas prayer, Kristen! After yesterday’s annual “Sounds of Christmas” church service, I’m done with all of the planned events. Now, it’s just all about family. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  2. You have been busy! Thank you for the beautiful prayer – I especially needed to hear “grace for when things don’t go just as planned”. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas!

  3. I was at Walmart early this morning. Those Walmart workers were not happy campers. I could hardly blame them. I was feeling a bit cranky myself! What a busy weekend for you again. I was tired just from reading it.

  4. I think we were equally as busy. Friday night we picked up dinner for my FIL because he was home alone. Hubs and I picked up dinner and headed over to his house to watch the hockey game with him. We left around 10:30 or so. Saturday I went Christmas shopping with my MIL. We didn’t expect to be out all day, but we were. WHEW! I decided last minute Friday night that I was going to go ahead and get my oil changed so Saturday morning my MIL met me at the car place. We were gone from 9 AM to 6 PM! And we only came back because my car had to be picked up by then! So I went home, then had to take Hubs back out to get his company vehicle that was at another shop, got home, ate, showered, slept. Then Sunday morning we went to church, ran a few errands, came home around 3, I did laundry, tried to just sit still (which is so hard for me to do when I’m at home because I’m always thinking of what I could be doing…). And just now I ran out on my lunch break at work and made it through Walmart – WHEW!!! But I am done Christmas shopping and now need to wrap…. everything.

      • I know right?! I have two weeks left. I was hoping to induce labor – LOL!! Totally kidding!!! He will come when he is good and ready. I’m really careful when I do go out, just for the record. =] I wear supportive shoes (I walked from 9 AM to 6 PM and was not swollen AT ALL. I was actually really surprised about that), I don’t go out alone and I have plenty of water and healthy snacks. =]

  5. Great Prayer, It would be perfect to print and keep nearby thoughout the entire holiday season 🙂 You are a pretty amazing woman with all you get done and still find time to spend with others that could use some company and time. I hope you’re finding some time to breathe now that it’s all behind us 🙂 only 363 days left to go til we do this all again!

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