Over the Weekend

You know those weekends where you get TONS of stuff accomplished? Yeah, you’re tired on Monday, but it was really worth it, right? Had one of those this past weekend!

Well, first of all, we had my parents for dinner on Thursday night and my husband’s parents for dinner on Friday night. They had helped us so much with the move and with fixing all those little things around the house – we wanted to take time to thank them with special meals! (That, and we wanted them to be able to just enjoy the house without having to do anything!)

Thursday’s Menu:
Caesar Salad
Cheeseburger Soup
Made-from-scratch Brownies and Ice Cream

Friday’s Menu:
Caesar Salad (we LOVE Caesar Salad at our house!)
Garlic & Lemon Pork Loin
Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Veggies
Peach Cobbler and Ice Cream

Everyone seemed to enjoy – that always makes my heart happy!

Saturday morning I got up bright and early. (No, I don’t tend to sleep in on Saturdays, because Saturday is actually a work day for my husband, so he wakes me up when he leaves for work, and I go ahead and “rise and shine” and get going on my to-do list!)

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Break-down of all the moving boxes
  • Re-organization of the master bathroom linen closet
  • Cleaning out, shelving paper down and reorganization of the under-the-sinks area in the master bathroom
  • Hanging of all the wall decor in the master bedroom
  • Fixing of the faulty curtain rod in the master bedroom (with nail glue. OH YEAH!)
  • Adding of the bed-skirt onto the bed (and almost killing myself in the process. Let’s just say that the new mattress is MUCH heavier than the old one…I really should have waited until my hubby got home for that one…)
  • Washed and put away all my “fancy” glass serving dishes (and discovered that my beautiful punch bowl originally cost $2.96. DANG!)
  • Re-organized part of the fridge and part of the pantry
  • Added a new rug to the foyer (which came with a free one-year subscription to the “Better Homes & Gardens” magazine! SCORE!)
  • Added a few more items to the “yard-sale” boxes
  • Taught myself two new songs on the keyboard
  • Took a nap
  • Had dinner on the table when my husband came home from work (chicken and waffles!)
  • Did a photo shoot
  • Baked chocolate chip cookies for all of the neighbors


Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sunday school, choir and church
  • Saw some dear friends who had moved away but were visiting
  • Took one of them to lunch!
  • Took a nap
  • Attended the Board Meeting of the music school I sit on the board for and presented my part of the report
  • Had my car washed
  • Planted new flowers and watered all the plants
  • Created labels for the neighbors chocolate chip cookies
  • Organized under the kitchen sink
  • Created a craft for a friend
  • Organized in the “project room”
  • Pinned a TON of fantastic stuff on Pinterest

I think that’s it! Still lots to do, but it’s all coming along!

What did YOU accomplish this past weekend? Do share!!!

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  1. You know, unless Jerrod’s parents just don’t lilke us, you could’ve had us over together. Just sayin’…[?]

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