Over the Weekend…and the Time that is no More


I wouldn’t say this past weekend was productive as far as my paper to-do list, but it was very productive as far as people were concerned. Got to spend lots of time with lots of good people. That makes me happy!

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Home “walk-thru” (We have a master to-do list for things that still need to be fixed or projects that still need to be completed around the house, so every once in a while we both walk through at the same time and update it together, so nothing is missed!)

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Laundry
  • Attended choir rehearsal
  • Father’s Day dinner with the in-laws

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • **SIGH** Even more laundry…
  • Sunday School, Choir and church
  • Picked up my hubby’s car from the shop
  • Took a nap
  • Father’s Day dinner with my family

I have to admit, for someone like myself who likes to be busy CONSTANTLY, it was kinda nice to have a bit more of a relaxing weekend. This weekend. Now, if it’s like this again next weekend, I’ll probably get bored! Ha!

I’ve gotta give MAJOR props to my husband. Normally, we get up around 8:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings, and after breakfast together, he heads outside to do all the lawn-related chores, and I stay inside and clean the house. By noon, the house looks fabulous, inside and out, and then we have the rest of the day to do whatever we like!

Well, I’m not sure how he did all of that by himself by the time I got home from our rehearsal (I got home around 12:30) but the outside looked beautiful, and the inside was sparkling! I was shocked! And very pleased! Extra points for him, that’s for sure!

Oh…and the “time that is no more” thing…

Before we got married, when we registered for the gifts, we registered for a clock that I absolutely loved. It was silver with a glass rim, and the glass rim was etched with words like faith, hope and love. I REALLY like the clock! It hung in our kitchen in the apartment, and did the same in the new house!

While I was prepping my dad’s Father’s Day gift on the kitchen counter yesterday, I noticed that the clock was WWWAAAYYY off. (It was about 5:45, and the clock read 8:25. Yeah.) While wondering how that had happened, I pulled the clock off the wall and proceeded to set it properly. When I hung it back on the wall, it looked odd to me. Like it was leaning.

I stepped back and looked at it again, while CoCo the kitty weaved and purred between my legs, and called to my husband, who was in the living room, “Hey! Is this clock supposed to lean away from the wall like this?”

Before I could make a move to stop it, the clock FELL RIGHT OFF THE WALL. Onto the ceramic tile floor in the kitchen. Yep.


The horrible sound of breaking glass, my sharp intake of breath and the cat streaking from the room did nothing for my husband’s tone of voice, as he responded from the living room: “Nope”. No worries, I did get an “Are you okay?” shortly after!

So he cleaned that up, too. And now I’m on the hunt for a new clock that I’ll love as much as that one. But that preferably…isn’t glass.

What did YOU do this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Over the Weekend…and the Time that is no More

  1. Sounds like a great weekend, what a bummer about your clock though. I am working on learning to be a do-er, I tried this weekend but ended up throwing in the towel when I had to remove my one year old son from climbing on something he shouldn’t for the 50th time that hour. Maybe one day when he’s older I will actually be productive again.

    • I know, I’m still sad about the clock 🙁 I don’t have any kids yet, but I DO have a cat whose sole purpose in life is to twist between my legs and make me fall and break my neck…so I can understand to a certain extent :/ One day we WILL get it all done!!!

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