Over the Weekend…and the Tale of Ruts in Our Front Yard


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Well, another weekend has come and gone! They seem to get shorter and shorter, don’t they?! The good thing is, this next weekend is Labor Day Weekend! Woot woot! (I hope all of you are rejoicing with three days off as I am!)

Our weekend was full of fun, faith and foolery. Oh yes. Allow me to explain.

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping (It was a little bit more detailed since we started the South Beach Diet TODAY, and I was prepping…but I’m happy to say that I broke my 6-week-streak of being completely soaked by a lovely Florida storm. Trust me, unless you live here, you can’t fully appreciate this, but I was THRILLED to arrive home before the heavens opened…did I mention that I had gotten soaked for 6 weeks in a row previously? Yeah.)

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • We slept in (I’m getting better at this!)
  • We literally did NOTHING for the rest of the morning (I’m still really bad at this)
  • Friends of ours came over in the afternoon and we took them on a little jaunt over to Winter Garden (about an hour away from us) for some shopping and good eats. And YES, we ATE! (Notice today’s graphic about weekend calories?! We were getting our fill before our diet began! HA! Don’t knock it, you KNOW you’ve done it!)

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sound Check, Sunday School, Choir and Church!
  • Here’s where the ruts in the yard come in…

At about 1:30 p.m., we were home and had just finished eating lunch. It was almost nap time, so I was in the kitchen cleaning up after our lunch, when my husband literally dashed out the door. He was gone for a few minutes, and, since I had no clue what he was doing or why he ran out so quickly, I finished my dishes and stepped out the front door.

I was met with the sight of my husband, ANGRY, standing in the front yard, and with a man I didn’t know with a Jeep and a trailer across the street, hollering at my husband, cussing him up and down, and calling him all kinds of lovely things. Into the house goes my husband for his phone, and I’m still trying to figure out what in the world is going on?! The lady who lives across and down the street from us was on her porch motioning to me that she was sorry, and I looked around to see that all of the surrounding neighbors were outside, too. I mean…WHAT?!

Jerrod came flying out of the house with his phone, just in time for me to hear one of the onlookers tell the angry man, “Dude, you can’t do just that to someone’s yard?”

Oh no. Not OUR yard. Jerrod is a little particular about the yard, and after last week’s incident with our OTHER neighbor coming over and mowing part of it…this could NOT be another yard issue, right?! I stepped further out on the porch and saw exactly what the issue was.

Apparently Jeep man had tried to use our yard while backing the trailer up to the house across the street (moving some furniture for our neighbor) and when he drove the Jeep and the attached trailer into our yard, due to all the rain we’ve been having, he got stuck. Just in time for my husband to see him. And, then he proceeded to spin tires and sling grass and mud everywhere. Which is what got Jerrod raising his voice to ask the man to stop and try to get out of the yard a bit more gently…which set the man off…who started yelling…and that’s when the neighbors all started to come out.

Apparently, Jeep guy is the dad of the lady who lives in the house across the street. Apparently, he is also the man who threatened the life of the guy who lives directly across the street from us over an incident with mowing their yard. I mean, honestly.

So, anyways. It all took about an hour. Police were called, all the neighbors swore their allegiance to us and Jerrod’s heart rate finally returned to normal. Just nuts, I tell you. I mean, can’t we all just GET ALONG?!

After that, I took a nap, but he was still so frustrated he wasn’t able to sleep, poor thing. At any rate, he’s been spending a lot more time looking out windows since then.

  • I pulled all the storage containers out from under our bed, cleaned them out and re-organized the contents throughout the house. (When we lived in the apartment, the containers were necessary for storage, but now they’re just collecting dust.) It had been on my list for a while to get them out from under the bed, so I was happy that I finally dealt with it.
  • I added a few new pages to the blog. Did you notice?
  • I prepped our breakfast and lunch and snacks for today’s South Beach Diet start-up (more on that later!)

So that was my weekend! Whew! How was yours? Any ruts in YOUR yard?

28 thoughts on “Over the Weekend…and the Tale of Ruts in Our Front Yard

  1. You ALMOST had a calm weekend! I understand how your husband could be upset. My brother-in-law is very picky about his yard. He mows in diagonals and switches it every time.

    Hopefully things will cool down with the neighbors once summer passes.

  2. OH MY GOSH. This is too funny because this happened to us!!!!!! Sort of. So, our yard from front to back goes downhill so yes, that’s bad when it’s been raining a lot. WELL, our neighbor next to us decided to drive his SUV to his back yard (on the side where our yards meet). He drove the SUV down there to unload his crawl space. (We have walk-in crawl spaces so they’re good for storage, sort of.) Anyway, when he was trying to get back up the yard he got stuck. SO he decided that he was going to drive his BMW down the other side of the yard and push his SUV up (something crazy like this, I can’t remember 100% but he ended up with both vehicles stuck in his backyard). So Hubs sees him having trouble and all three of us (me, Hubs, neighbor) somehow get the SUV free. I think I was inside steering the SUV while the two guys rocked and pushed the SUV to free it from the rut it was in. That took us a couple of hours. WELL, the BMW wasn’t as “easy”. For one thing that car is already lower to the ground than the SUV so it got stuck really good. We tried laying down a piece of plywood in front and behind the tires so once it got out of the rut it would be on solid ground, ya – that didn’t work. So we tried getting a strip of chicken wire for traction – ya, that didn’t work. We ended up calling a tow service and the big ol’ tow truck had to attach a rope thing to the wheel well of the BMW and basically drag it up the side of the house. Unfortunately it was our side of the yard that the car came dragging up so we had HUGE ruts in our yard for a long time. It was crazy.

  3. Wow! What an ordeal!! I’m fortunate that I don’t have to worry about any of that right now. I understand how your husband would be upset. My neighbors spend hours and hours and loads of money on their lawns, and I feel like I love on a beautiful park! It’s a shame people would be so rude about putting ruts in someone else’s yard! Kudos for the organizing– I always need to do and somehow just don’t. You’ve inspired me maybe I’ll do something today! 🙂

  4. LOL! I love reading about all of your neighborhood drama!! So funny! Something stood out to me today though: Did you say you’re “bad” at doing nothing on Saturday mornings? I so have the opposite problem! Enjoying your blog. 🙂

  5. Holy COW! You either need to stop having weekends, or put up a locked fence around your front lawn! It takes quite a lot of nerve to “rip someone a new one” when YOU are at fault. Poor Jerrod. Glad you had fun with your friends and got the storage container monkey off your back. I look forward to hearing more about the South Beach diet. Good luck.

    Life With Lorelai

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