Over the Weekend…and a New Lifestyle


Another busy and fun weekend at the House of Campbell! Now that my hubby isn’t working on Saturdays any more, we’re really falling into a nice habit of enjoying our weekend – it’s pretty nice, I’ve got to say!

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Well, don’t laugh, but my Friday night was filled with cupcakes. About 14 dozen of them. I’m not at all kidding. One of my girlfriends had an idea to bake cupcakes and sell them at an event our husbands were singing at (see the next paragraph on Saturday’s activities) in order to raise money for the new projectors our church just purchased (they were about $4,000 each!). Since she and I both love creating things in the kitchen, and we like to help people out, we went a little overboard…and by about 11:30 p.m. on Friday night we were looking at each other wondering if we had lost our minds or not. Anyways, we ended up with dozens of Caramel Apple, Hot Chocolate, Sweet Potato Casserole, Pumpkin Lava, and Apple Cobbler cupcakes, and a couple dozen Blueberry Muffins, too. So that was Friday! (By the way, the recipes for most of those cupcakes came from Stefani over at Cupcake Project. If you haven’t been over to her place, definitely check it out! (Make sure you check back here tomorrow, though, for all the details on the Caramel Apple ones!)

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • We were up early and headed over to the Florida Strawberry Festival grounds for the Sonshine Opry (which is a gospel music festival). We enjoyed watching our men sing and we tried to sell the cupcakes! Made around $100, so it wasn’t too bad!
  • Edited lots of photos
  • Worked on the blog
  • Did some copyright research
  • Cooked lunch and dinner
  • Took a NAP!

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sound check, Sunday School, choir and church. While there we sold some more cupcakes (we made about another $100!) and I got pulled to go run the projectors for a bit, so it was kind of a busy morning!
  • Took another NAP!
  • Edited more photos
  • Cooked dinner
  • Worked on the blog

So that was our weekend in a nutshell! Oh, and the lifestyle change thing… **SIGH**

You all know we’ve been doing the South Beach Diet for 3 weeks now. My hubby has lost 10 pounds (he only wanted to lose 12, the booger) so he’s pretty happy with it. I have lost 8.1 pounds…and have a LOT farther to go.

I think what’s really frustrated me the most was that I lost the 8.1 pounds in the first week…gained some of it back in the second week, and lost what I had gained in the third week. It’s not exactly the results I was looking for, especially when I’ve stuck to this diet religiously, more than any other one I’ve ever done, and I’ve worked SO HARD on grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking.

My husband has never had to diet before, so after a week he was a little bit over it. After two weeks he was officially over it. And at the end of this third week…he was DONE.Β So that’s been a little bit frustrating for me, as well. (He ate a bunch of stuff he shouldn’t on Friday night, AND ate a cupcake today, ha! Yes, I just threw him under the bus – he tells me he reads this blog, we’ll see if I get a comment out of him or not!)

So we’ve come to a decision. This next week we’re not “doing” South Beach – we’re “doing” HEALTHY. A few things we’ve changed, in no particular order:

  • No more sodas
  • Limited artificial sweeteners
  • Limited sugar
  • Less processed food
  • Salads with every dinner
  • More fruits and veggies
  • More water
  • 1% milk instead of 2%
  • Limited starches

This will free me up to not be up cooking until midnight, so that I can actually use the elliptical that sits in our project room! What a novel idea!

So we’ll see how that works out. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

What did YOU do this weekend?

30 thoughts on “Over the Weekend…and a New Lifestyle

  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments as a family. It’s awesome to see families doing things together. Very glad you are enjoying your Saturday’s and weekends. You can accomplish your goals and weight loss, just stay with it and don’t get frustrated week to week, look at month to month.

  2. I think the lifestyle change is the biggest thing. A couple years ago we cut out all HFCS, and I lost like 15 lbs without even trying. Of course I gained it all back with a baby and recent stress eating…but…reducing and eradicating all artificial/processed things is the way to start. I have a million things to say on this topic πŸ™‚ But I won’t take up your space with them

  3. Awesome post! Congrats on baking that many cupcakes – I would have been done at about a dozen! I’m currently following the SHRED diet (by Ian Smith). It’s the easiest, healthiest diet I’ve ever attempted. Filled with foods I like – and a structure I crave. πŸ™‚ Best of luck – I’ve heard over and over again . . . it’s all about moving more and eating less!

  4. 8 pounds in 3 weeks is pretty frikking amazing – any reputable dietician will put you on a schedule of no more than 2 lbs per week for *sustained* weight loss. It’s not supposed to be a sprint, it’s supposed to be a marathon. Losing weight quickly usually means gaining it back – remember, you didn’t gain the weight in the course of a few weeks, so don’t expect to lose it in a few weeks, either! Like Don said, look at month-to-month, not week-to-week. You can do this!

  5. It was so so beautiful out this weekend! I went shopping with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a while on Saturday and then on Sunday the Hubs and I went to church (where yes, I did whisper sing =]) and then we ran some errands. We like to take it easy on Sundays so we normally hang around the house. I did some laundry and cleaning and Hubs took care of the yard. My mom is coming down on Thursday and I can’t wait! =]

  6. I like your healthy lifestyle change. And it really sucks to diet with a man. They tend to lose faster than us and it can be so discouraging.

    I love to read about your accomplishments. It’s motivating.

  7. Very fulfilling weekend. I’m sure yall may have been a little tired afterward but it was a good tired.

    I’m feeling ya on the weightloss challenge. My “Fit by 40” goal seems discouraging when you work so hard for those 2lbs per week and you’ve actually gained doing the right things. My regimen is similar to yours but I’m not on any particular popular plan.

    I do the supplements green coffee bean, raspberry keytone, and a multi-vitamin + eat right. Still, I gained 2lbs. The big slap in the face is I keep forgetting to eat at times. Whats up with that maaaaan!

    We’ll get through this. Keep me posted. You are not alone, I’m right here too.

  8. Congrats to doing HEALTHY!!! It sound like you are on a good path. Salads with every dinner
    and more (may I add a lot more!) fruits and veggies is a good choice. I also have something raw with every meal, because of the enzymes in it. You will see that the cravings for prepossessed foods will gradually go away.

  9. Haha.. That made me laugh about you finding out if your husband reads your blog or not by whether or not he responds to this one. πŸ˜‰ Sounds like you’ve had another fun and productive weekend. Good luck on the lifestyle change . . . I think you will see better results if you just stick to those guidelines long-term and make them the new normal.

  10. Whew! I’m exhausted just reading that LOL. Congrats on the fund raiser and losing the weight! As a friend of mine says, “Put 8lbs of butter in your pants and tell me it’s not a lot of weight!” Just losing 10% of your weight is enough to reduce your risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and a slew of other illnesses. Baby steps. I am losing the most weight by eliminating sugar and processed foods. Artificial sweeteners are bad, bad, bad! They are not only chemicals but research has proven that it leads to insulin resistance which hinders your ability to lose weight. I could go on and on but I won’t lol. I am sure you’ll continue to do great!

    • That is SO true about the butter in your pants LOL I hadn’t thought of it that way! Yes, I’m learning more and more about how bad artificial sweetener is…I’m learning a lot of things, but as soon as one thing is recommended another thing is recommended contradictory to the first! Balance, balance. I’m trying to find it!

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