Over the Weekend…and a half-mowed yard, a birthday and a new toy!

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Well, here we are – another Monday! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Here’s what I was up to:

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Made dinner

Here’s where the half-mowed yard comes into play.

Normally on Friday nights, we go out to eat. But I had some tilapia and risotto that I had planned on making for dinner, so, after grocery shopping, I came home and got everything started. Naturally, we ate a little later than normal, but no worries, because we ended up getting some…ahem…dinner entertainment.

We chose to eat dinner on the couch (which we don’t do very often, but it was late and we were wanting to watch a movie). All of a sudden, as we’re sitting there eating and watching TV, movement in our backyard caught my eye, and I looked up, just in time to see our across-the-street neighbor on his riding lawn mower – MOWING OUR YARD.

I glanced at my hubby, who didn’t see the guy at first, and then I finally asked him what was up. He had no clue, either.

Now, mind you, this is the same neighbor who came over (across the street) and edged part of our yard to show my husband how to do it properly. He went on about how long it would take, but that it needed to be done! My husband responded by calling a friend of ours who owns a lawn care service, and paid HIM to come by and edge everything.

And NOW this guy was in our yard. Mowing.

But the crazy thing was…he quit. He mowed a few rows…and then went back across the street, put away his mower and went inside his house.

We sat on the couch, trying to figure out what had just happened.

And can I just interject here that my husband is pretty particular about “his” yard? Needless to say, he was a little frustrated. Anyone ever had anything like this happen before? We’re pondering how to approach the situation. I mean, we have to live across the street from this guy, you know!

So my poor husband had to get up early on Saturday morning and finish the yard mowing. Even though he had JUST MOWED on Monday. He was not a happy camper!

Anyhoo…just a Friday night at OUR house! Ha!

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Slept in!
  • 3 hours of work here on the blog! (Did you notice?)
  • Awesome birthday dinner with family and friends (my hubby totally surprised me – I was pretty impressed!) And I got a new toy! What is it, you ask?


A KitchenAid mixer! Wohoo!!! And it’s the perfect blue to match my kitchen!!!

I’ve been wanting one of these since before we got married, but they are NOT cheap, and I refused to put it on our wedding registry! (Some things just seemed like too much to ask for, ya know?) Sooo…I finally got it! And I can’t wait to try it out!

Accomplished on Sunday:

I hope all of YOU had a great weekend – what did you do with yourselves?

51 thoughts on “Over the Weekend…and a half-mowed yard, a birthday and a new toy!

  1. Congratulation to you new KitchenAid mixer! I love my! It makes the perfect dough for Dinner rolls. I do not need it for bread making since I bake a no knead bread. But there are so many other things to use it for, you will love it!

  2. I’m envious! I don’t have room for a mixer right now but you best believe if I ever got one I’d get rid of whatever I had to in order to store that lovely piece of kitchen equipment! *drool* And about your lawn… I’d call the cops and say he was trespassing! Seriously, it sounds like your neighbor thought your lawn wasn’t mowed correctly and thought that by only cutting a little, it would get you to come out and do the rest… and that’s exactly what you did! I would have left it and let it annoy your neighbor until it was time for me to mow again or the neighbor got peeved enough to come back over and finish (and I’d call the cops again to report a trespasser!) But I can be a little vindictive at times =) Sounds like the rest of your weekend was good though!

    • I DID have to rearrange the kitchen a bit, but it was totally worth it! And I don’t even know what to do think about the lawn mowing incident, honestly. So random! But this is the same neighbor who has already threatened another of the neighbors with a lawsuit. Ah, subdivision living… πŸ™‚

  3. Ohh.. I want one of those mixers so bad!!

    And welcome to the club of crazy neighbors! Ours like to have large parties and play music so loud I can tell what song is playing in my daughter’s bedroom. The last one went to 3am! I called to police! haha

  4. I love the new mixer! I was hesitant to put it on my registry, but we figured one expensive thing would be okay, not that we actually expected anyone to buy it. I was rather surprised though because a group of friends actually all pitched in together and bought it for us. So each person didn’t put more than they would have for any other gift. Needless to say we were shocked and very grateful. πŸ™‚

  5. The nerve of that neighbor! How rude! On the brighter side, I LOVE the blue Kitchen Aide!! I’ve been wanting one too. Happy birthday! Oh, and I love the way you shared your accomplishments over the weekend. πŸ™‚

  6. Giggle, giggle, giggle… I have to admit I was laughing pretty good reading about your dinner entertainment. The nerve of some people. I don’t think that kind of behavior would go over very well in my neighborhood or at Luke’s. It sure makes for great blog reading though…to bad you didn’t snap a few pictures! πŸ™‚

    Luke and I had a busy weekend. We built a ramp to move my piano to a different part of my house, did a lot of yard and house work, and started the side yard paving stone project at Luke’s…see my blog for details on that one.

    Happy Birthday, Kristen I wish you the very best of everything…blessings, my friend!

    Life With Lorelai

  7. You have one really weird neighbor. Maybe he was just trying to tell you that your lawn needed to be mowed but I would have made him come back and finish it since he started it. And happy belated birthday! Those mixers are amazing. I have it in red and I can say you’ll love it! You should have totally put it on your registry, you might have been surprised that friends would have gotten together and gotten it for you. πŸ™‚

    • The more I think about it the more I wonder if he’s maybe just not quite right in the head. Maybe he doesn’t even remember that he did it, ya know? Mercy. You have a red one, too! I keep hearing people talk about the red!

  8. You always crack me up and exhaust me with all you accomplish on a regular basis. πŸ˜‰ The irony of life is that you would have someone now part of your lawn only because it frustrates your husband. My husband would think that was great since it would be less lawn (leaves, weeds and dirt in our case) to now! My husband is particular about nothing aside from fishing and hunting. I’m quite sure that is why my neighbor came over one day to ask if our lawn mower was broken. I love that neighbor.

  9. I love the fun polka dots! You’ve done a great job on revamping your blog, it’s fresh and fun. What a weirdo neighbor. Did he think your lawn was too long or something? It’d be a moment like that where I wished I was gutsy and rude enough to do the same thing back to him. I don’t have much advice, I just have a confused look on my face.

    • Thanks for the blog kudos! I have no idea what he was thinking…since it had only been three days since it had been mowed, I don’t see how it was too high! I didn’t want to be rude back because I didn’t want to upset him – if he’s bold enough to come into our yard and mow part of the grass, then he’s bold enough to do something TO our yard if he’s mad! The fence has moved WAY up on the priority list of things we want to do at the house, let me tell you…

  10. What a crazy neighbor! We had our neighbors mow our lawn but the WHOLE THING! We had just had a baby and my husband was working 2 jobs so they just helped out. But that is strange!

  11. Hubby bought me a Kitchen Aid a number of years ago and it’s still going strong. I really love it and I am sure you will love yours, too! The colour is beautiful.
    As for the neighbour, maybe he thought if he started mowing, you guys would finish it the same way? He didn’t like the length of the grass? He’s just crazy? Who knows. Neighbours can be a pain sometimes. I can relate LOL

  12. Happy birthday!!!
    That is totally weird about your neighbor mowing part of your grass. My Hubs is very particular about the yard too so I know my Hubs would have jumped off our couch so quick! He would most likely tell the guy thanks but no thanks. If he mowed your WHOLE yard, then he deserves some homemade cookies – ha!
    Yay for your Kitchenaid mixer! I LOVE mine! They are super expensive though!! When we got married we ended up getting double of a lot of things so we returned some stuff for store credit and I had a coupon and it equaled out to the mixer I had been wanting so we got it. Yee!! Mine is bright red and fabulous! =]

      • I really really wanted the apple green but they didn’t have it in store and I was too excited to wait for it to come in the mail, so I got the red. Can you believe how heavy they are?! It’s a work out to take it out to use it!

          • That’s what I did too! Actually, mine is on the shelf of my hutch that’s in the kitchen, but at least this way I just have to easily carry it over a couple feet at the same counter height, rather than dig it out from underneath a cabinet (lift with your knees not with your back!) or worry about trying to get it down from a place up high (um, that would hurt if it fell on my head… or my toe). Have you seen those under cabinet shelf things that lift up to counter height?! Now that would be ideal!

  13. The story about your neighbor from across the street mowing only part of your lawn without asking is hilarious and so weird! Thanks for sharing this.

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