Over the Weekend…a day late…


Normally I do this lil’ “Over the Weekend” post on Monday, but, since I had a guest post up yesterday, I moved this around a bit. Now…

I must admit, I was half dreading this weekend and half totally excited for it.

I was dreading it because I had scheduled 6 photo shoots, and I was thinking that I might have lost my mind. What if I got sick? What if something happened to the car? What if what it what if…I was driving myself nuts!

I was totally excited for it because family pictures photo shoots are my faves, and all of them that were scheduled were family photo shoots!

And let me preface the following list by saying that, on Wednesday of last week, my throat was a little scratchy. On Thursday, my nose was a little stuffy. On Friday I was coughing, and by Saturday, I was in the throes of a sinus infection that had resulted from an allergy attack.

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping (all the way through the week, including all the items for Thanksgiving meals and for our house guests and for my husband’s team at work)
  • Photography equipment prepped and loaded into my car

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • 4 photo shoots in 2 different cities
  • Downloading all photo shoots, and culling and editing one photo shoot

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Culling and editing two more photo shoots
  • Performing two more photo shoots

Seriously, that’s all I did was photo shoots. And Saturday was ROUGH. But I made it through, thanks to my hubby and the grace of God, literally. And, I’ve got to say, I have some pretty amazing clients!!!

Looking to the week ahead, don’t think that just because it’s Thanksgiving week and I’m not feeling so hot and I’ve got company coming that the blog will be quiet. Oh no, there’s LOTS going on here!

Tomorrow I will have a free Thanksgiving Menu printable for you!
Thursday I’ll have a special Thanksgiving message for you!
Friday I’ll have yet another Guest Post and a special reminder!

Don’t miss it!
So…you know what I’m going to ask…what did YOU do over the weekend?

34 thoughts on “Over the Weekend…a day late…

  1. My daughter is a photographer, too, (but she’s single and does it on the side) and I never really thought about how much time goes into a photo shoot until I started my blog. I certainly don’t claim to be a photographer, but just my photo shoots/editing for my blog keeps me busy! Hats of to you for doing it all!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! And I thought I was a busy lady. Your weekend schedule makes me look lazy. LOL! I’m no photographer, but I do know that you all put in ALOT of work!

  3. Wow that’s a lot of stuff in a short time. I think I’d be all stressed if I had to be so busy. Specially being HSP, I need my time to rest and relax and just be on my own to recharge my batteries.

  4. YOU are certainly a busy person! Your energy level is amazing. I do understand how busy being self employed can be. My husband pretty much works 7 days a week, makes me tired just seeing how much he does. Hope you get some much deserved downtime on Thanksgiving, but still… looking forward to your photos of the day! … ps… ‘after’ the holidays would you consider posting about a good affordable ‘amateur’ camera ? have pic-less blogs lately has me wanting to take more of my own photos for sharing 🙂

  5. Wowza, you are one busy girl! I can hardly remember the weekend, ha! Actually though my boy and I went and hung out with Grandma Saturday, that’s 30 mins each way, plus he got to play at Burger King with other kids while mom and I chatted (over the shrieking kids in the overhead play area). Sunday was church and catch up day. Man we get lazy in our little town sometimes 🙂

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