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Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My week last week was pretty stressful, so some decompression was needed on my part – I believe I accomplished that!

My hubby actually did his yard chores and I did my inside-the-house-chores on Thursday evening, so we wouldn’t have as much to do over the weekend. We were tired (we both work full time and I have a couple part-time jobs, so it was a long day) but it was well worth-it!

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Completed a packet of invitations I had designed for a birthday party (I do some designing along in my part-time business, Portray Photography & OS)
  • Dropped off my hubby’s car at the mechanic’s AGAIN (he has this crazy issue with the fuel system – when he puts gas in the car, it won’t start. We’re trying to take care of that issue!)
  • Had dinner with dear friends and then drove over to the beach to walk along the shore and watch the sun set. Just what I needed!

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Photo shoot with a very sweet 5-year-old
  • Grocery shopping
  • Afternoon excursion to World Market (about an hour away from us, but it ended up being in a HUGE shopping center, so we made the most of it! Blog coming on my first experience at the store soon!)
  • Prepared a Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad for our Sunday School Luncheon the next day

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sunday School, choir and church (and we were even there EARLY – hubby was singing a solo and needed a sound check!)
  • Sunday School Luncheon at the home of one of the couples in our Young Married’s Class. We LOVE this group!
  • Picked up my hubby’s car from the mechanic…hoping and praying this did the trick! (We’ll see when he goes to get gas today!)
  • Took a nap (and someone, who shall remain nameless…but I’m married to him…forgot to set the alarm, so we didn’t wake up until after 6:00 p.m. WOAH. At 2:00 a.m. this morning I was still awake! HA!)
  • Cooked dinner
  • Laundry
  • Finished getting the guest room and guest bathroom back in order after our house guests last weekend

I’m learning (at least I HOPE I’m learning) that, even though I tend to do a lot of work over the weekend, I really need to do fun things, too. Because if I don’t, I go back to work on Monday feeling exhausted…and that doesn’t make for a good start to a new week!

What did YOU do over the weekend?

11 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. This past weekend for me was super busy 🙂 I try not to be busy every weekend because like you said, you definitely need your down time, so Monday, the start of my week feels refreshed.
    Friday, I went with the family to celebrate ChickFilA’s ChickFilA’ s and got a free meal by dressing up like a cow (wearing a white shirt and putting paper spots on myself with the ” Eat More Chicken” Sign). I realized people put a lot more effort into their costumes than I did but yet I still ordered whatever combo I wanted off the menu. FYI, this happens only once a year. It was a lot of fun!
    After that I went for a Target run and then home to cook Pork Chops which my husband gave me a tutorial on cooking Pork Chops his way…Lol. I was going to bread them but learned he prefers breaded chicken but not on the Pork Chops. Go figure you are still learning your husband or vise versa into almost three years into marriage. Is this common, just curious?
    Saturday, I cleaned the house and then went to Target to go get a baby shower for a sweet couple who is adopting a 20 month old because of not being able to conceive themselves. The shower was very touching due to the long process they have been through trying to adopt and now doors were opening for them. They will be the best Godly parents for their new son! On a side side note, I saw a lot of faces I haven’t seen in . A long time from my old home church family.
    After the amazing shower, I went to have dinner at my parents. I then around 8 pm went to this Event called Relentless. This is held at my old home church but it’s a service openly inviting all believers and non believers alike to come together in a non church like setting. My sister and her boyfriend manages the worship and its awesome! (Not bias at all :p) Anyway then they had a message message that was spoken as a drama was illustrating the testimony. It was a great way of visually showing his life through his message! It was the unique service I had seen!
    It was so late I decided to sleepover my parents house due to me living 30 minutes away and I was so stinking tired to drive.
    Sunday, the husband and I rested all day watching movies from Netflix ( missed church from sleeping in from getting home late that morning :/) For lunch we enjoyed home made waffles with our new waffle maker and Wendy’s for dinner because I was craving their new Pretzel Bacon Burger.

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