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Ah, Monday. Or “Monday Fun Day”, as I like to refer to it…dripping with sarcasm! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Our was actually…relatively normal, come to think of it! Which is a nice way to start 2014!

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping (And can I just say that it’s also so nice to have relatively calm grocery shopping trips, now that the holidays are over? People are all back to normal again!)
  • Did a bit of financial planning (At the beginning of each year we tend to get a little extra money coming in via my hubby’s profit-sharing total, our tax return, and we’re always still holding on to my Christmas bonus and any Christmas money we received, too. We like to take some time to plan where we will allocate the funds to…before we get too excited with them!)

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Slept in!
  • Got two new tires and all that goes with them and an oil change for my car
  • Prepared and delivered a meal for a family of 8! (They just had a new baby, so that makes mom and dad and SIX boys! WHEW!)
  • Had dinner with the in-laws

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sunday School, choir and church (We had family communion, which is always one of my favorite services, and a wonderful way to begin the year, as far as I’m concerned!)
  • Lunch with friends
  • Took a nap!
  • Planned out the week ahead
  • Worked on the blog (There are BIG things coming, folks! BIG THINGS!!!)
  • Worked on the photography biz (Yes, even though I’ve got it closed down for the month of January, I’ve got some editing to do and some loose ends to tie up from 2013!)
  • Worked on gathering our taxes together (I always start on this the first weekend of January – I like to get them done and get our refund back ASAP!)
  • Cooked dinner! (My hubby is so glad I’m getting back into the kitchen after all the crazy holiday cooking! Wanna know what I cooked? CLICK HERE!)
  • Finally finished taking down and packing away all of the Christmas decor. The house is officially back to normal, which is kind of nice, too. I miss all the sparkle and shine…but I feel refreshed, somehow. Next year, my task is to get it all decorated in one day…and then UN-decorated in one day. Let’s see how that goes!
  • Did a bit of Valentine’s Day decorating! I’ll show you the Holiday Shelf soon!

I must say, it was nice to have a “normal” weekend. I was telling my husband how rested I felt after all the craziness of October, November and December. It’s much easier to think and plan and take action when my brain is actually functioning properly, ha! (I must slow down more often…I really must…in my free time…)

What did YOU do over the weekend?

38 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. Sounds like a great weekend! We got all our Christmas stuff down yesterday too. My husband calls it “the desantafication process”. 🙂

  2. Monday’s are really horrible, there should be a law against them 😉
    I must say you have accomplished a lot this weekend, congratulations. My weekend was very lazy. I did accomplish many blogging goals and spend time with my son and my parent. But the house is a mess.

  3. I delivered our foster dog to his NEW home Saturday morning, then the boys and I went out of town and had Christmas with my side of the family – it was a great weekend!

  4. My two youngest grand kids spent the night with us last night while their parents and two older brothers went to Winter Jam. So I’ve been hopping ever since they arrived. Not that I’m complaining! I love having them over. Glad you had a great weekend!!

  5. What would be a busy weekend for most people seems like a slow, relaxing one for you! It’s nice that you’re getting a bit of a breather after the hectic holidays. Happy Monday! That was a little bit of sarcasm. There should be a universal symbol for written sarcasm like a doodle of some kind. Maybe an upside down exclamation point!

  6. You were really busy. We start doing taxes in January and it takes us usually up until March to get everything in order. Every year we add a new amount of complexity to taxes. Right now the hubby is working on publishing a Link party. (He is making the product). So we are trying to get that out so he can start on taxes. He does the brunt of the taxes and I bring up the receipts and look over his work to see if there is anything we forgot.

  7. This weekend I was busy getting back home from my vacation in Canada. Now I’m prepping myself for school this week so I’m super busy. Glad your weekend was great and you sure did get a lot done.

  8. I’m excited to see what will be coming soon! 🙂
    Over the weekend hubby and I went on a date. Grocery shopping, milk delivery (helping out a sweet momma who needed milk for her baby), dinner and a movie. Plus of the date, we went to the cheap theater (it’s super nice they just have movies a couple months after they are released) an got both if our tickets for $3 less than one at the regular theater. 🙂

  9. Lots of shoveling and playing with the kids. We watched movies and I even baked a cake. Glad you had a more relaxed weekend!
    I have to start working on getting our tax stuff ready. I like to get it done ASAP too, but sometimes these companies send out their stuff on the very last day of January. Frustrating.
    I can’t wait to hear what big plans you got installed for us. 🙂

  10. The weekend? Oh,that’s right, I shoveled and then shoveled some more. In between I defrosted my frozen toes. I’m on a quest to find a cure for Mondayitis. Will be sure take out a press release if I find it!

  11. I would like to say I had a normal weekend too now that the holidays are over but with all this sickness running through our family, I can’t say that we have had a normal weekend yet! I hope next weekend is nice and chill!

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