Over the Weekend…


Whew! Happy Monday, all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was busy…but things are winding down a little bit, thank goodness!

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Dinner with friends
  • Grocery shopping
  • Christmas light shopping

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Slept in (a little bit, but hey, with me getting an average of 4 hours of sleep every night for about the past 2 months or so…I’m counting a little bit of sleeping in as a big accomplishment!)
  • Did two photo shoots (they ended up being the last two photo shoots of the “Christmas” rush! I still have an event to photograph, an additional family session and a wedding, but I’m on regular turnaround times for those…no more of this up until 2 in the morning working on them!)
  • Baked two out of three of this years Christmas cookie selections
  • Downloaded and culled about 500 pics
  • Laundry

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Slept in a little bit
  • Church and choir
  • TOOK A NAP (praise the baby Jesus…it felt SO good!)
  • Completed OUR Christmas decorations
  • Did some more baking
  • Completed editing and delivery prepping the shoots from yesterday
  • More laundry

This is the first Monday in a very long time that I’ve felt like a human being. I’ll take it!

Great stuff coming up on the blog this week! (And it’s not all about Christmas, either!) I’m excited to share with all of you, as always!

How about you? How was YOUR weekend?

37 thoughts on “Over the Weekend…

  1. Sleep, is a wonderful thing that we all should do more of. Gives us the energy to do the things we want to do.

    My weekend was fun and work. My schedule changed around this week so I need to prep work for a client, errands for my parents (85+), and cleaning (client meeting in my home). I did have a girls’ night out, just relaxed, chatted and watch a fun movie.

    Have a great week.

  2. There’s nothing quite like a Sunday afternoon nap. I rarely get one, but when I do I’m in heaven.

    I had a full weekend as well. I worked on my blog and decor for our Girlfriends (church) Christmas party coming up this Friday night. I do the entire thing by myself (cooking, decor, etc.) and there’s usually between 50-70 women that come. I love it!

  3. Glad you were able to get some extra sleep (and naps) in. I did as well and it felt good. 🙂 I wish I would’ve accomplished as much as you did though, I had one lazy weekend because of the snowfall and cold weather. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this weekend!

  4. I never have a problem sleeping, it’s staying awake..!! This getting old stuff is for the dogs! I take naps on weekends.. THE BEST! You are amazing with how much you do, I’d love to have your talent and energy! I did spend part of the weekend making ‘blankets’ (on my blog) for Christmas gifts and for donation.

  5. Your weekends are always very busy. Do you look forward to Monday? We traveled down to High Springs, Fla. to spend some time with my cousin. While in High Springs, we did a little Antique shopping which was fun. I shared a photo on my blog fb wall of a gorgeous Christmas tree we saw in the Hospice Thrift store there. We also got our Christmas decorations up this weekend as well. It was a hectic but fun weekend.

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