Over the Weekend



Whew! I wasn’t quite sure I would make it out alive this weekend! But here it is Monday morning, and we’re back to the normal once more!

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Prepping for the weekend photo shoots
  • New kitchen faucet installed

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Photo shoot #1
  • Downloading and culling of photo shoot #1
  • Leak-in-the-master-bathroom-disaster-averted
  • Photo shoot #2
  • Downloading and culling of photo shoot #2
  • Editing of photo shoot #1 and #2

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sound check, Sunday School, choir and church
  • Photo shoot #3
  • Photo shoot #4
  • Downloading and culling of photo shoot #3 and #4
  • More editing of photo shoot #1

My sweet husband cooked his own dinner on Saturday AND Sunday, bless his heart! (He’s REALLY ready for me to make tonight’s dinner! I’ve got spaghetti on the menu!)

So you see why I was wondering if I would make it or not! And NEXT weekend will be even crazier! I have SIX shoots over Saturday and Sunday! I’m not right, I’m telling all of you right now.

What was YOUR weekend like? And what is your FAVORITE source of caffeine! I’m gonna need some recommendations!

38 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. I had a great weekend after a hard illness. It was nice to go around the mall with kids. It’s been quite a long time we miss walking in a mall. What a busy weekend you’ve got.

    • HA! We actually just bought a new Keurig last week! Our old one bit the dust, and we hadn’t had the chance to get a new one! Coming up on all these photo shoots, I told my husband, “I need a Keurig NOW!” Thank goodness he loves me and got me a new one 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, my weekend was full of pain. Every step produced agony. I held onto my walker and put on a brave face while my husband cooked, cleaned and washed the dishes as usual. Today, the pain has abated somewhat. My advice: never get old. Caffine doesn’t work, neither do painkillers.

  3. What a busy weekend! Here we don’t quite have weekends because my husband doesn’t work so everyday blends into the next but once he starts school, then we won’t have any time off! After he gets a job as a Police officer, then we lose traditional weekends for good. Life will never be the same!

    • Oh wow! You got that right! Just recently does my husband not have to work on Saturdays – you get used to it! But you are right, life will never be the same once he’s a policeman! What a noble profession for him to choose!

  4. Ohh MY! What a busy weekend! I’m going to call you Superwoman! You made me feel as though I didn’t do anything this weekend..HA! I too, had to grocery shop–(we were down to baking soda and mustard) and went to a book club meeting. Do you even rest during the week or does your week look like your weekend??

  5. My weekend was busy, too. Had a sleep over with my four grands on Friday night. Then my hot glue gun (set on high temp) and I got into a fight Saturday afternoon and the glue gun won. I have a horrible burn/huge blister on my finger, but I will survive. And I baked 9 dozen cookies for church. Great weekend!

  6. It is deer season here so Sat. my hubby was out in the woods. He did have a successful hunt. I cleaned up around the house Sat afternoon. Sun we had deer to process so we skipped church, finished the deer by lunch, had friends over for lunch, and then spent the evening doing nothing. 🙂 Good weekend.
    I like green tea for caffeine, there are flavored kinds that are really good.

    • Sounds like you were busy, too! And you know what? I have tried all kinds of green tea, hot and cold, and it always upsets my stomach! I don’t know why – I’m a big fan of tea. I’d love to be able to drink green tea, too!

  7. What a busy weekend, Nice to know your husband pitches in and helps around the house. My weekends need to be 5 days, the 2day thing is a blur filled with laundry, cleaning, groceries and now adding in Holiday errands, but managing to find my inner crafter these days (mostly disasters) to find an outlet for relaxation and downtime. Caffeine…haha.. I can’t make a good cup of iced coffee (my preference) to save myself.. I am addicted to McDonalds Paul Newman’s medium hazelnut EVERY day twice a day. The price adds up, MUST learn to make a good coffee at home!! now I just need someone to post about making a REALLY good iced coffee!

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