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Hello, all! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had another one of those “good mix of getting stuff done and having fun” weekends – pretty happy with that! The question is, how long can I keep it up?! I think the key to this is that we started doing all of our “chores” on Thursday evening instead of Saturdays! After dinner, my hubby goes out and mows the yard and all that goes with it, and I stay inside and clean the house. That frees us up for more fun and relaxation over the weekend.

Accomplished on Friday:

  • Grocery shopping for the week
  • Meal planning for the week
  • Date night! (We went to Olive Garden to try out some of the new items on their menu! Of course they have a wonderful gluten-free menu now that I find endlessly delightful. And of course, I asked for a box for my leftovers and left it on the table again. Grrr.)

Accomplished on Saturday:

  • Oil changes for both cars
  • I baked my first ever Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (my sister’s request for her birthday celebration – I’ll blog about this later this week!)
  • I changed my Holiday Shelf to reflect Summer (I’ll show you soon!)
  • We enjoyed a family dinner in honor of my sister’s birthday

Accomplished on Sunday:

  • Sunday School, choir and church
  • Nap (words cannot describe to you how much I LOVE a Sunday afternoon nap…and the alarm actually got set this time, thank goodness!)
  • Laundry
  • All the dead light-bulbs throughout the house got changed
  • Cooked dinner (I’ll be blogging about this, too!)

At about 8:30 last night, we discovered that it was actually National Ice Cream Day! How fun! Of course, that set my hubby on a craving, so, just before 9 (I had to be back by 9 because the premier of Sister Wives came on, ha!) I had to run to Publix and grab all things for making an ice cream sundae. I mean, you HAVE to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with ice cream, right? Can’t rain on THAT parade! Ha!

So we watched Sister Wives with our ice cream sundaes. Are any of you viewers? I watch because I find their lifestyle quite fascinating. My husband watches more out of a grateful heart that he is not married to four of me.

What did YOU do over the weekend?

22 thoughts on “Over the Weekend!

  1. What an accomplishment! I got absolutely NOTHING done this weekend. NOTHING!!! Well I did take a nap on Saturday. 😉

    I do like your idea of preparing for the weekend on Thursday. It sure makes sense.

  2. Oh no, I always leave my leftovers on the restaurant table too! Leftover Forgetfulness Syndrome (LFS) is a terribly frustrating ailment.

  3. I’m getting better at not leaving leftovers out/in a restaurant… we don’t go out much so most of the time it’s making sure I put everything away when I’m done eating! Good lord, I’m not the only one who *secretly* watched Sister Wives =) I hadn’t watched anything past the 1st season on Netflix… I should check if it’s still up there lol! I didn’t know it was National Ice Cream day yesterday either, I posted an ice cream themed scrapbook page and I’ve gotten a few comments letting me know about it! =)


  4. WooHoo! Way to go, Kristen! I like doing chores a little bit each day so that the weekend isn’t just al work, work, work. I try to do loads of laundry throughout the week, whenever I have enough for a load,,,it goes in. That usually leaves me with bedding on Saturday morning, and maybe another load or two. Our date night this week, was staying in. Luke and I BBQ (we can’t wait to try some of those Stub’s products I got coupons for), and then watched a couple of movies together. We had a wonderful peaceful weekend. 🙂 Now, I’m gonna have to go check out the post on your Holiday Shelf…

    Life With Lorelai

  5. You sure are organized.
    I caught up reading and responding to blog posts. I also redesigned my living room, sqeezed in a family movie and did some BBQ’ing. It was a nice, relaxed weekend.

  6. My allergies were kicking my butt this weekend! I did manage to go to a graduation party, but other than that I was laying on the couch hacking a way. 🙂

  7. What a fun and productive weekend! I don’t even remember what I need this weekend. I did productive stuff, family time stuff, and I even allowed myself to take a short nap on Sunday. I like the idea of doing the chores thursday so you can have more fun on the weekend.

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