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If you’re a regular reader, the title of this post may confuse you, since you know that we don’t have any kids. And therein may just lie the problem…

Soon after we moved into our house, we had invited some friends over who had several small children, and we quickly realized that we didn’t have anything to amuse the kids with! They ended up playing with CoCo the kitty’s toys…AND CoCo the kitty…who was NOT at all thrilled with the arrangement.

Not long after that, we had guests come and stay with us, and the two youngest didn’t have anything to do, either! This got my brain turning….so now…

We have a toy box!


Well, as you can see, it’s really a toy basket, but you get the general idea. The next time we were having company that included little ones over, I ran to The Dollar Tree and grabbed a laundry basket and some toys. I spent less than $20, and you should have seen how thrilled the kiddos were!

Now and then, I see something and I add it to the basket. Right now I have…

…puzzles! (For girls AND boys! This is very important, ha!)


Outside toys (in case they want to make use of the backyard!)


Indoor coloring books, complete with markers and crayons. (Again, we have things for boys AND girls!)


Books (and these are great for chew toys for the babies!)


I saw this “My Little Pony” and, since it was one of my favorite toys when I was small, I knew I needed to add it to the collection!


A kickball and jump rope for outside, and some kind of squishy thing that my husband thinks is pretty awesome.


Foam airplanes!


Some kind of frog jumping game. (Do you remember Tiddlywinks? This is like that, but just with frogs!)


Anyhoo, now any time there are any kids here, they are duly amused. Which is nice for the rest of the guests!

What do you entertain little house guests with?

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  1. I have kids. But the youngest is 6. Instead of getting rid of all the preschool toys I kept a few and have them in 2 small baskets in my living room. That way I can have non-choking hazard toys for little ones right in the living room (where the adults are talking) and the bigger kids can go back and play with big kid toys without the babies underfoot. It’s worked well. I also intend once my kids are big and grown to never, ever get rid of my Legos. So I will always have something for everyone to play with.

  2. I wish sometimes they were only guests lol. We have a toy room which comes in handy with 5 kids running around. We are blessed with that. The toy room is a disaster but the rest of the house stays neat. The rule is, whatever happens in the toy room stays in the toy room. lol Great post and great idea for those with lil guests.

  3. Love the idea!!! I have 2 children and it is tough to go to pols homes who don’t have kids because my son is a busy body. I am constantly making sure he isn’t touching something he’s not supposed to. πŸ™‚

  4. Great idea, Kristen! Here are a few things I could add…

    Whenever I had birthday parties, I had a large roll of paper that I would tape down on the patio concrete and have crayons for the kids. I would set out sidewalk chalk, and bubbles. These things were always a huge hit, and kept the kids every busy and entertained.

    Inside I would suggest a deck of cards, maybe a Lego and/or Lincoln Logs set for them to build with, and a few Disney movies.

    I had Magna Doodles in the car for all three kids (my two and my third kid, my niece). We also had a lot of the Read-along/Sing-along books and tapes (CD’s now). These were not only great for entertainment, but helped the kids with there reading and memory skills too. You have no idea the countless hours of fun they had with those, and it provided me with a little peace. These would both be great ideas for indoors as well. πŸ™‚

    Life With Lorelai

  5. When I read Lorelai’s post I was wishing I had kept all those things from when you kids were small. I think we had every one of them.

  6. We do have kids, but all grown out of the toy stage. I kept their favorite toys and books for kids to play at our house. And who knows, someday our (future) grand kids might play with our kids toys, it sure will be fun.

  7. I did a similar thing before I had kids – I tried to have something for each age of child that regularly visited my house. It took up a drawer in the spare room dresser, and was an awesome investment. I picked up most of it at garage sales, but the dollar store works, too πŸ™‚

  8. All kids come to my house will love Lego. I have kept a box of lego in the cupboard under the stairs for nearly eight years. I am amazed that you are such a thoughtful host.

  9. My first three kids came within 4 years of each other. We had the same toys handed down one after the other. Then there was a 5.5 year break and another little guy came along. Surprisingly we still had some of those toys. Lol
    I agree with Adelien. You are a very thoughtful hostess!

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