Our Christmas Home Tour!

Well, you’ve asked and asked, so finally, today, I’m excited to share with all of you how we’ve decorated OUR home for Christmas!


We moved from a one-bedroom apartment into this four-bedroom home in April of this year, so the Christmas decorations aren’t quite as perfect as I wanted them to be…because decorations are EXPENSIVE!!! But I think it’s a good start! So…here we go!

Welcome to our home!


This is the daytime view. You can see the white icicle lights hanging from the roof, and the little trees in front, too!

I added pops of red, green and white to the front porch…



See me trying to disguise the hubby’s orange extension cords for the lights?! HA!






The wreath is a little hard to see…


So here’s a close-up of it!


Fun, whimsical and sparkly! I really like it!

And can’t forget the Christmas mat!


And here’s what it looks like at night!


Here’s a couple close-ups:



I gotta say, my hubby had some GRAND plans for lights. And then he priced out the lights that he wanted to use to accomplish the grand plan…and found out that he was looking at upwards of $500. The plans changed a bit. Pretty quickly. But I still think it looks great – and we can build on it from here!

Oh, and here’s what’s around back…


I picked up these cute lil’ fiberoptic snow people for our back porch. (Since it backs up the road, and you can’t see our Christmas tree from the back sliding glass doors, I thought these were a good, bright spot for the back. (I say that the one with the striped hat is me, and the one with the top hat is Jerrod, ha!)


They change all different colors every few seconds – super fun!

Now, here’s where y’all are gonna think I’m NUTS. (If you don’t already!) I’ve always had a thing for Christmas trees in a window. I don’t know what it is, I just think it’s so cool to drive by someone’s home and be able to see their tree in their window!

Well, we couldn’t do that with the large tree, so I took the smaller one and put it in the window of the guest room, where everyone who drives by can see it!


I think it’s awfully pretty!

Ready to come inside?

Coming through the front door, you see the Holiday Shelf to your right…


…the living room in front of you…


…and the dining room to your left.




The table runner and centerpiece angel are new this year, and the hanging angel was a gift to me a very long time ago, but she’s still gorgeous! Since our tree topper isn’t an angel, I wanted to make sure there were Christmas angels somewhere in the house, and it just happened to work in the dining room! I really love them!

Did you see my manger scene?


I’m a HUGE Willow Tree fan, and when Jerrod figured that out and figured out that I loved that manger scene, he decided to buy it for me. And then he realized how much the whole thing cost. So he’s been buying me pieces here and there. It’s getting bigger!

I had these lanterns to add to the dining room (the normal decor) but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, and I thought they made a nice addition to the buffet, along with the manger scene, so there they sit!


There’s the lovely tree…


…with matching tree skirt…


…and reindeer!


Since we don’t have a fireplace, Jerrod actually found this toilet-paper holder (you’d never know it was that, though!) and we’ve got the stockings hanging on it! Works perfectly!


And a little bit of pretty candy brightens up the center of the room.


I worked hard on this garland and other decor on the shelf in the living room…



…and around here, even the bathrooms have a little bit of Christmas in them!



PicMonkey Collage

The furthest I got in the kitchen was to put out my fancy towels…


…and we have another manger scene in our bedroom, too!


Well, this is all well and good in the daytime so you can see the little details, but what does it look like at night?



Well, that’s our home at Christmas, folks! No worries…there are LOTS more presents for under the tree…I’m just bringing them out slowly, trying to make sure the cat doesn’t shred them!

Whatcha think?! I have to admit, I’m really loving it! And gathering more ideas for next year all the time!

42 thoughts on “Our Christmas Home Tour!

  1. Congratulations! Your first Christmas in your new home and to have it all documented here is a memory you’ll have for a lifetime! Give some thought to printing out some of your photos and make an album to put out and add to each year.. way to share with guests your Christmas history. I love small details, loving the reindeer and the angel 🙂 Holiday soaps are perfect, I even put those out at work in our waiting room bathrooms (well, year round.. love good smelling soap!). The small tree in the window.. looks so serene and beautiful, i’m certain all driving by appreciate their new Christmas Neighbors! <3 Merry Christmas.

  2. Congrats on the new move! I am guaranteed you are still trying to adjust. We lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and moved to a 3 bedroom house (we are renting until we find our house) and I don’t know how we squeezed into that 2 bedroomer! We have even more stuff and we are stuffed in this house already!

    I absolutely love your decorations! I have this love of snowmen and I am driving my husband crazy! He told me no more snowmen!! LOL I only have 5. 😛 I also love your saying of washing your hands because Jesus and germs are everywhere! LOLOLOLOL I literally busted out laughing!

    • I know, we say all the time, how did we fit all of this into the apartment?! And there are a LOT of cute snowmen things out there this year!!! (And yes, Jesus and germs…I’m just a tad bit anal…just a tad. LOL)

  3. My Christmas decor is starting out slow too. I purchased a few things after Christmas the year before we got married – ornaments and a bow for the front door at 75+% off or something like that. Then last year my mom gave me a ton of decorations (I didn’t quite keep everything though – we have different styles =]). I’m excited to see what I can find on clearance after Christmas this year! Oh by the way, we have the same green water pot thing for the flowers on our porch – good old Walmart! And my MIL LOVES Willow Trees too!

  4. I know it isn’t a part of the Christmas decor, but I love the Germs and Jesus sign. So cute!! I agree with you about trees in the windows. We have rearranged our living room every year so that our tree can be seen from the yard. 🙂 The mini tree for the window is a great idea!

  5. Thanks for sharing your home with us! I think it is wonderful and you are right, just add a bit each year. We moved to a large house this summer and I totally understand it is hard to fill but I am enjoying the simple clean look right now (until I find the perfect pieces).

  6. Very nice! I had to smile at your *Disclaimer*. Perfect Christmas deco would be some straw and a manger, that’s it! Everything above is luxury! I think we all have lots more than that. But I know what you mean. Do not compere yourself to others, your house is lovely decorated!

  7. wow your home is gorgeous I love your tree and that Christmas finds it’s way into every part of your house even the bathroom. simply beautiful thank you for sharing

  8. Very nice! It is cozy and sparkly and glowing! A decorated tree in the window is something I have always loved as well. And, I totally understand the kitty dilemma!

  9. Personally, I like the subwoofer! 😉
    Actually, my fav are the reindeer. I really like them, maybe because they remind me of some we had when I was a kid, only ours were more “velvet”, I like your sparkly ones better.
    Nice job inside and out.

    • Oh, that’s my hubby’s subwoofer LOL I’ll tell him he got a shout-out for it, ha! And yes, the reindeer are some of my favorite pieces! I wish I was quick enough to capture a pic of CoCo the kitty sitting nose to nose with the one…hilarious!!!

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