Organizing with Mini Books

I’ve been feeling a bit frazzled of late. 

Frazzled is a newer feeling for me, and I really don’t much care for it. It MAY be my new state of existence as a twin mom, I’m willing to kind of admit that, but, I don’t think it should HAVE to be, ya know?

So I’ve been taking steps here and there to identify the causes of my frazzlement and try to fix each one, one by one. It’s working pretty well so far, but I’m still having a hard time kind of pulling everything together. 

This feeling was mainly revolving around my to-do list. I would be writing all these things down that needed to be done in multiple areas of my life, and my list became pretty ineffective, because it was getting so big and so cluttered. I couldn’t see what needed to take priority and what could wait. I was missing deadlines and gatherings and even some BILLS! (That’s no good at all.) I was functioning with my normal planner, like usual, but something was missing. I needed to be able to drill down and do some kind of micro-organization.


So…enter the mini book.


I started out with this one. I kept it in my purse, as a kind of catch-all for my brain. If I had a thought for a blog post, I wrote it down. If I needed to check a date on the calendar for a photo shoot, I wrote it down. If the girls had a doctor’s appointment I needed to remember, I wrote it down. If there was something in particular that I was looking for for the house, I wrote it down. You get the idea.

That seemed to work out at first. But pretty soon, the mini book became just like my to-do list. Cluttered. Confusing. No clear priorities. Ugh.

But I really liked the mini book! So I decided to come at it from another angle.

If my frustration was because I couldn’t categorize or prioritize things, how could I fix that? Well…I decided I needed more than one mini book. Enter my new way of organizing:


Multiple mini books!

I mean, that’s not an official term, or anything, that’s just what popped into my head! HA!

Multiple mini books is basically the same thing as my to-do list, but separated into categories:

Magenta: Portray (that’s my photography & design business)
Orange: Domestic (that’s the blog, of course!)
Yellow: Norwex (that’s a chemical-free cleaning supplies company I’m an independent distributor for – more on that in an upcoming post!)
Lavender: Me! (that’s all things related directly to me!)
Pink: Household & Family (anything having to do with the house, the hubby, the kids, you get the idea)

I keep all the mini books in a pretty little Vera Bradley clutch in my purse, along with a pen for easy access. 

At this point, I’ve been working with this system for about a month, and I REALLY like it! It’s helped me to separate things into categories, prioritize and make sure I “touch” each book on a daily basis. It may be a bit more work than the traditional to-do list, but I have a lot more to do than the traditional person! 

I’m thankful that I’ve finally found something that works for me, and makes me feel much less frazzled! 


How about you? What do YOU do to keep yourself organized and non-frazzled? I wanna know!

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17 thoughts on “Organizing with Mini Books

  1. This is such a great idea and use for small books. I keep a planner on me at all times, and I color code things with my pens. I also make a lot of lists (usually on Post-Its) if I need something faster, or to organize my thoughts before they end up in my planner.

  2. Excellent idea! I do something similar for paperwork with a filing folder system, but love this concept for actual tasks, notes and reminders. The mini book color variations are fun too!

  3. I love these mini books. TO be honest I try to keep us organized by doing the following: 1 I have a small book style much like these mini books size on my home office desk that is a calendar. This is where I write all appts, income to be paid/recvd etc on and highlight various items based on a color code of blue for appts, green for incoming money, etc. I also have a little note pad to write down threads I am doing for myself and clients on a daily basis. Then we invested last year in a bulletin board for our office where both my boyfriend and I can write notes about bill due dates or work info etc as we both work 100% from home so it keeps us both working towards bill goals 🙂 Phew, that was a lot! I just want to add I also live on Post-It notes, if kids want anything or I have to remember something that day I will place a Post-It note somewhere by my pocket book or on the fridge. SO will the kids do that for me too as reminders.

  4. Honestly, I add tasks and appointments to my Android calendar and color code them. It helps me stay on track a lot better than my old system.
    I think we all find systems that work for us and as long as we are okay with it, that is what matters.

  5. Parts of my life are organized; other parts are frazzled messes. I love the idea of using mini books to help me in the not-so-organized areas.

  6. This is great. I love mini books. I use them all the time. But I usually don’t keep them all together like you do that might be a great idea I will have to try that and see if it makes a difference. Love your ideas.

  7. Well first of all those are stinking adorable! Second, what a great idea to keep yourself organized. Having the books so small means they can go anywhere.

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