Organizing with Hooks in the Kitchen

So I have a couple of drawers in my kitchen that have gotten a little too cluttered for my taste. Take a look.



It may not look all that bad to you, but for me, it’s pretty cluttered, and I don’t like cluttered at all.

So, what to do to free up space? Hooks! And I LOVE these from 3M/Command!


I added them to the inside of a few cabinet doors:



I like these particular hooks for kitchen tools because the hook is long and flexible, perfect for hanging these…



…and these…


…and these, too!


I feel a lot better about my drawers now:



Better, huh? Would hooks help free up some space in YOUR kitchen? It might be something to consider!

51 thoughts on “Organizing with Hooks in the Kitchen

    • I had TONS of hooks when we lived in an apartment when we first got married, because there wasn’t much room at all and I had no choice. I hadn’t needed any at the house until now, though. Apparently I’m acquiring more kitchen utensils!

  1. First of all can I say that your drawers were so NOT cluttered to start with! lol
    Love the idea of the hooks. That would help free up a lot of space in my REALLY cluttered drawers! I’ll look out for those when I next go shopping. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG!!!!! I love this idea! I consider it a success when I am able to OPEN a draw… they may cause you to lose your mind! I am totally doing this!

  3. Great idea! I use those same exact hooks to hang my mop and broom in my “utility closet”. I also use them to hold a bag full of my plastic bags (yes, a bag full of bags). =] I just want to mention that I had tried some of these types of hooks from the Dollar Tree and they were TERRIBLE! I hang ONE empty plastic bag from the hook and the next day the hook was on the ground. Seriously?! I love the Dollar Tree and all, but don’t waste your $1 on the knock off hooks!

  4. I absolutely love installing hooks on the insides of cupboards! I have those awkward kitchenaid mixer attachments that take up SO MUCH room – I never thought to hang them! Thanks for the great idea! ~Renee

  5. You call those drawers cluttered??? I wish mine looked like that. I can say the ONLY drawer I have that is not cluttered is the one that holds the silverware. I can’t have folks putting their hands all over my forks, knives and spoons. LOL!
    The hooks inside the cabinet doors is a great idea though! I LOVE it! I have a few items that would work well with. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Why have I never thought of doing something like this. My drawers are cluttered as well and I do need to make it look less junky. I have these hooks that I use to hook up photo frames etc, just never thought of doing this. Thank you for the cool idea.

  7. This is an amazing idea! I would have never thought of that! I wouldn’t do that in my house now (I rent from my inlaws) BUT I will be doing something just like this in my new house! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I get those expandable utensil drawer inserts (like what you put your forks and spoons in, but bigger) from Walmart to keep my drawers organized. Works wonders, plus then everything isn’t shifting around every time you open and close the drawer. And I just keep my Kitchen Aid mixer attachments in the bowl – I thought everyone did that, but looking at the other comments I guess that’s not the case!

  9. was just heading out to Lowes for some bathroom supplies, now i may be found lurking in the isle of hooks 🙂 LOVE how much you are getting accomplished 🙂 keep the great posts coming, you’re motivating me.

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  12. Omg great ideas! I would love to hear your thoughts on organizing your kitchen when you have too many appliances. I seem to never be able to get ahead of my families needs, cool gadgets and my small apartment kitchen lol

    • Eschelle, do you have any room to set up a separate cabinet in your home to keep your small appliances in? Like, a stand-alone cabinet for things like your food processor, blender, etc. Might free up some space for ya!

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